‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Isaiah Washington charges Katherine Heigl on Twitter

Where is there more drama, inside the Gray Sloan Memorial or on the set of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? Well, it seems that the thing is almost tied. After this week Krista Vernoff, the current showrunner of the series, told the Los Angeles Times that there were plans to fire Izzie with a special episode and that Katherine Heigl refused, Isaiah Washington has taken the opportunity to resurrect another old dispute with the actress, the one that ended with his dismissal in 2007.

For a bit of context, we’ll recall that Washington was fired from the ABC fiction where he played Dr. Burke after allegedly made homophobic comments to his partner TR Knight, that gave life to George O’Malley. Although more than a decade has passed, the discrepancies continue and Washington has taken advantage of the fact that it now has social networks to generate a bit of controversy, although at the time it already apologized for its “Unfortunate use of words during a recent incident on set.” On Monday, November 16, the actor posted on Twitter a photo of Heigl with a text that reads: “This woman once proclaimed that ‘I should never’ be allowed to speak in public again. The world agreed with her back then and they rallied against my work and my head in 65 languages. I wish I had Twitter in 2007 because I will NEVER stop exercising my freedom of expression. “

Entertainment Weekly has tried to contact both and a source close to Heigl has assured the medium that the actress is very proud of the position she took at that time: “Katherine defended her friend twice when Isaiah publicly took him out of the closet and called him a bully. It is hate speech, not freedom of expression. She is proud to have defended him. Katherine is and always will be an advocate and ally. of the LGBTQ community “.

Against everyone on Twitter

After Washington’s publication, Heigl’s supportive responses on Twitter did not stop arriving, which the actor did not like at all, who neither short nor lazy began to answer with icons making the comb or calling her “person of no real importance” and directly racist. Furthermore, he compared his case to the institutionalized denial of slavery and even threatened journalist Perez Hilton. Some of his messages are not wasted:

“I have no idea why you led the charge to get me out of my hit series knowing it was a LIE. You even intentionally called will.i.am a disgusting word that you NEVER apologized for, but here you are. Hypocrite. Just thank me. for making you “look” like a hero.

“This is newsworthy for you, but talking to the ABC whistleblower isn’t, is it? They’re ridiculous. Hollywood is DEAD, if I’m still making headlines about a narrative that you raggedy guys keep pushing. Just give up. Sane people ‘go “Through his lies”.

“He actually called Patrick Dempsey a queer and the gay boy who was still in the closet decided to take offense … It was his departure, walk over the black man who was angry that the white diva was crying to get another raise at the expense of others.


“Denying the lies written about me is like the United States denying that slavery existed for 400 years. Blacks will not let go of slavery, therefore I will NEVER let the biggest television cover-up ever go away. It just won’t happen. as long as I’m breathing. Believe it. “