Glitter to regain joy in El Vendrell

“We like to dance and sing, but it is one thing to do it in class and at the end of the year in front of the family and another in a theater with an audience that has also paid a ticket,” explains Teresa Trinidad. But there was no other option. The dance teacher at the Lira Vendrellenca, Miriam Buitrago, proposed to the students that they should stage a musical. The idea arose two years ago, but the past could not be realized due to the pandemic situation.

So after the lifting of the state of alarm, Buitrago regained the initiative. The students believed that that idea had been forgotten, but nothing further.

They resumed the trials of Singing in the shower, a musical inspired by the movie Grease starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Songs, choreography, dresses, decorations … The Buitrago students threw themselves into rehearsals. They are mostly retired people who do ballroom dancing in class. Salsa, tango, cha-cha-cha, bachata … «but a musical like that … If I only sing in the shower», explains Baltasar.

Professor Miriam Buitrago admits that it was surprising at first. Last January they resumed rehearsals. As they progressed, the illusion and desire to debut grew. Although also with many nerves.

Carme preferred to be an assistant director. “I have a lot of stage fright”, but in any case he values ​​the experience. “We have been through a lot with the coronavirus. Dancing again and doing it like this has given back the illusion ».

Some days ago They made their debut at the Teatre Àngel Guimerà in El Vendrell with great public and critical success. So much so that they do not hesitate to want to repeat the experience. In the same theater in El Vendrell, where they could return in October for the Fira, or in others like the one in Calafell.

Participants are between 50 and 70 years old. In addition to dancing, they lip-synched to the famous themes of the film. Miriam Buitrago points out that the experience has been a therapy. Overcoming and emotional after a difficult year due to the health crisis. “That enthusiasm for thinking and preparing the work has helped to resist difficult moments of isolation and loneliness.”

Beyond the professionalism of the actors, the initiative has meant a recovery of normality and contact between neighbors. But also a requirement. Because Carme and Tersa and Baltasar and Montse and Pere do not hesitate to want to repeat the experience again.

Baltasar explains that now they are reviewing the videos of the work “to analyze everything and wanting to start the next course to see what Miriam offers us.” The dance teacher points out that the objective is to re-enact the play Singing under the shower, which could be taken to Calafell and other municipalities after the summer.