Game of Thrones: Emilia Clarke understands perfectly why no one liked the ending

Emilia Clarke, the actress who put Daenerys’ body in Game of Thrones, spoke about the controversial ending and agrees with you. Find out what he said and the details, in this note!

Game of Thrones It had a complicated history, and every fan (because we all were at some point) we have our story about when the show died. However, we all followed it curious to see how it ended and held our breath until the final episode where the show decided to blow up its legacy with one of the worst received endings in television history. More than two years after the fact, the actress Emilia Clarke finally he tells how it was lived on his side and says that he understands us perfectly: a true queen.

In the end, for no apparent reason, Daenerys breaks down and just decides to burn King’s Landing. Choose to kill all your enemies until Jon Snow he kills her when the allegories of the Nazi party become so obvious that even he, the dumbest in the series, cannot ignore them. This ending left no one happy, not because of the events themselves, but because of the awkward way in which they were narrated. That’s why when Emilia Clarke was on the podcast Happy Sad Confused, he told the host Josh Horowitz that he understood why people were angry with the ending.

Game of Thrones

Although Emilia understands how we feel, she is a professional actress and had to do everything she had to develop the vision of David Benioff Y D. B. Weiss, those responsible for the project. “I understand why people were angry. I totally understand it. But, for me as the actress, you can’t do justice to the character you put your blood, sweat and tears on for a decade without putting yourself on the same page as the creators. So go ahead, I’m not going to go “well, I’m going to do the scene, that’s it. I’m angry“. You have to put everything on it. “

Game of Thrones

The truth is that there is no one who was happy with the ending, but there are so many things to criticize that nobody knows exactly where to start Is it the problem that they did not follow the vision of the author of the novels George RR Martin? Is it that they told everything in a hurry, and logic was thrown overboard in favor of the show? Is it that the solutions to the problems that arise are bad? We all have a different version of events. For now, if there is a rematch for Westeros, it will come when George R.R. Martin lance The Winds of Winter and when HBO premiere the new House of the Dragon series and let’s see what makes this universe a different author.