Furious: Anya Taylor-Joy reveals what excites her most about starring in George Miller’s new film

In 2015, George Miller (The Witches of Eastwick – 73%, On the Edge of Reality – 65%) premiered Mad Max: Fury Road – 97% and surprised critics and fans of the iconic franchise with an action-packed new film and surprising narrative load that gloriously brought back the popular 80s story. Now, the noted filmmaker is working on Angry, a prequel to the 2015 film, which will focus on the character played by Charlize Theron (The Old Guard – 73%, The Scandal – 79%) in her younger version, whom Anya Taylor-Joy (Lady’s Gambit – 93%, Emma. – 90%) will bring it to life.

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Much has been said about this new project, which is expected to begin filming this August in Australia, however, in a new talk by Actors on Actors from Variety, Taylor-Joy chatted with her co-star on Emma, Josh O’Connor, who recently received awards for his portrayal of Prince Charles in The Crown – 100%, and he revealed what he is really excited about working on this new film.

Since the film was announced, fans have been speculating about what Furiosa will reveal, from the fierce warrior’s origin story, to everything she went through to end up allying with Max Rockatansky in the popular 2015 film. This project could be exciting for many reasons, from the quirkiness of the character, living up to Theron’s performance, and being part of the iconic franchise, for Taylor-Joy there is something really special about working on this new film.

What excites me most about Furiosa is number one, George Miller. That brain is amazing. I feel very fortunate and privileged to spend time with him and to grow up with him. I am also very excited to do something physical. Turning physically into something else is something that strangely will give me a lot of peace. I am very excited to work hard.

At the age of 25, the actress has already been a part of very prominent projects, ever since she debuted in the 2015 independent Sundance film The Witch – 91%. Most recently, she played Beth Harmon, a 1950s chess champion, in the popular Netflix drama. Lady’s Gambit and will soon star in Last Night in Soho, the newest by Edgar Wright (Baby – The Crime Apprentice – 93%).

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A few months ago, Warner Bros. announced that Furiosa will hit theaters until June 23, 2023, however, there are still many surprises to be revealed for this upcoming film. Taylor-Joy, meanwhile, said that her father makes fun of her every time she talks about the tape.

My dad makes me hell because we speak Spanish, he calls her Furiosa [con acento] and I say, it’s an English-speaking movie. But, like, ‘It’s okay, dad.’ I have a grace period until August, and then I will work consecutively until mid-2023.

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