From ‘Cyborg 2 (The Glass Shadow)’ to ‘Once Upon a Time …’. Angelina Jolie’s science fiction and fantasy movies

The new film of Disney’s Maleficent is now available in Spanish cinemas. This time, directed by Brenda Chapman (‘Brave’), the Oscar winner takes on the role of the Queen of Hearts from ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

1. ‘Cyborg 2 (The Crystal Shadow)’ (1993)

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The Oscar winner Angelina Jolie (Interrupted Innocence) has premiered in theaters this Friday, November 27 Once upon a time…, a fantasy adventure drama Directed by Brenda Chapman (Brave, The Prince of Egypt) in which the Hollywood star plays neither more nor less than Queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland. That is why at SensaCine we have reviewed his filmography to remind you of his films belonging to the genres of fantasy and science fiction. There they appear malefic (2014) and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019), but also others like Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow (2004). In addition, you will find them on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and Filmin.

In the early 90s, Jolie was starring in the futuristic Cyborg 2 (The Crystal Shadow) (1993), direct sequel to Cyborg (1989) with Jean-Claude Van Damme and, for many, the worst title of his career. Luckily later, years later and after winning the statuette with Interrupted innocence (1999) and also appear in The Bone Collector (1999) and 60 Seconds (2000), we would see it as the video game heroine Lara Croft on Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) and in its continuation Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003). If you want to see them, one and the other are in the catalog of Amazon Prime Video.

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In 2004 he again tried his luck with the ‘sci-fi’ in Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow, a ‘dieselpunk’ by Kerry Conran that also featured Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Giovanni Ribisi and even images of Laurence Olivier. Although it is now considered a cult film for its early mix of actors with computer-made environments, it once failed to raise $ 58 million on a budget of $ 70 million. You have it so much in Amazon Prime Video as in Filmin.


‘Maleficent’, ‘The magnificent Ivan’ and ‘Once upon a time …’

Something very similar happened with Beowulf (2007) by Robert Zemeckis, then a preview in the field of animation, visual effects and motion capture with voices of Jolie with Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins, Robin Wright, Brendan Gleeson or John Malkovich. It also didn’t do well at the box office, where it amassed nearly $ 200 million when its budget was $ 150 million. If you want to see the actress as Grendel’s mother (Crispin Glover), you can do it on Amazon Prime Video.

De Robert Stromberg it malefic (2014), a reinterpretation of the origins of the villain from Sleeping Beauty (1959). The fantastic tale, also starring Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley, Sam Riley and Brenton Thwaites, grossed more than $ 750 million. These data prompted Disney to give the green light to Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) by Joachim Rønning, who was less fortunate -491 million dollars- despite having Michelle Pfeiffer, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Ed Skrein, etc. Both are in Disney+.

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To end, Angelina Jolie has lent her voice in 2020 to Stella, the wise African elephant from The magnificent Ivan, the premiere of the Disney + streaming platform based on the children’s novel by KA Applegate. In it, Sam Rockwell plays Ivan, a gorilla who lives with other animals in a shopping mall run by Mack (Bryan Cranston) and who becomes interested in drawing with crayons. And so we come to Once upon a time…, who imagines as brothers to Alicia (Keira Chansa) and Peter Pan (Jordan A. Nash) before becoming Alice from Wonderland and the famous Neverland hero. In this one, as you can see in the following trailer, Jolie gets into the shoes of Rose Littleton, mother of the children and wife of Jack (David Oyelowo), who falls into depression when his son David dies.