From Cameron Diaz to Kiefer Sutherland, Hollywood stars who stop acting and choose other activities

The success and fame that so many desire, for them ended up being a hindrance. Therefore, there are several Hollywood stars who began to choose to leave acting, dedicate themselves to something else and get out of the spotlight.

The most recent case is that of Tom Hardy, who announced that after the confinement forced by quarantine last year, he discovered a new passion: making bread. And he assured that he would be willing, in the not too distant future, to leave the filming sets for dedicate yourself to being a baker.

“Every time I find less reason to work. My priority now is my children. Now more than acting, I like to be with them, see them grow, be in shape, eat well and those things,” commented the protagonist of Venom. The months without working, due to the pandemic, made him see reality from another point of view. And he says: “I was thinking that I could open a cafe specializing in sourdough. And sell coffee and sourdough bread.”

With three Oscars it reaches

Someone who has already tried walking away from the profession to do something completely different is Daniel Day-Lewis, the only actor so far to have won an Oscar three times. However, that did not stop him from deciding to retire from the profession in 2017. That year, he turned 60 and coincided with the premiere of his latest film, The phantom thread.

Daniel Day-Lewis. Retired from acting, he is now a carpenter in a small town in Ireland.

But Day-Lewis not only chose to retire from acting, but also put an ocean in between with Hollywood, the heart of the film industry. Today, the actor lives with his family, in Ireland, in a country house, in County Wicklow. There, by the sea and 50 kilometers from Dublin, Day-Lewis is one of the 10,000 inhabitants of the town and is engaged in carpentry.

For him, it was always an extra weight fame that entails being one of the most required actors of his generation. As he stated years ago, when he had taken a breather to be an apprentice shoemaker in Florence, Italy, the emotional drain that comes with getting involved with each new character also played out. So now, he chose to be a carpenter.

Cameron’s case

Cameron Diaz was another of the stars who, after several years of fame and exposure, chose to take a turn and retire as an actress to do another. So, after his movie AnnieIn 2014, Cameron did not act again.

Finally, after a few years away from the sets and red carpets where she was a regular presence, the protagonist of Crazy about mary, did the formal announcement of your retirement, in 2017, in an interview. Something that she ratified two years later, in one of the few social events in which she participated, when she was invited to celebrate the anniversary of the magazine. InStyle.

“I’ve given more than half of my life to the public. I think it’s okay to take time for myself now,” he said then. In January of last year, with the birth of his daughter Raddix, Cameron only confirmed his decision. “Now I feel complete, I wanted a simpler daily routine,” she said.

The actress, who will turn 50 next year, spends a lot of time cooking, shares recipes from his Instagram account and also makes organic wine. She recently launched her own brand, in a venture she shares with a friend and her husband, musician Benji Madden.

For Kiefer it’s music

Who also seems to have found happiness away from acting and big Hollywood productions is Kiefer Sutherland. The actor who starred in the hit series 24, among many other works, is completely dedicated to music.

For several years, Sutherland composes and goes on tour (before the pandemic, of course) with his band, where he also plays guitar and sings. “I am in love with the Spanish classical guitar, an instrument that I learned to play when I was young,” he said.

The idea of ​​dedicating himself entirely to composing and singing is not new, however, it was in recent years that Kiefer managed to realize it. “About 15 or 20 years ago I started writing songs, but it was in 2012 when I realized that I had a few that I wanted to record. I spoke with a producer friend of mine and we put together an album,” he said.

Sutherland also assures that his older brother was a great musical influence. “I always played music at home, so when I was four or five I was already listening to Aerosmith, Johnny Cash, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5, Elton John or The Beatles,” he says. “I fell in love with those songs that tell honest stories. And when I write I am inspired by a phrase from someone that catches my attention or by the simple things that touch my heart.”