“Friends” through its 236 episodes


Culture writing, May 27 (EFE) .- During 236 episodes in 10 seasons, the lives of the protagonists of “Friends” got into our homes and the end of the series was a drama for their followers. Now, with the return of its protagonists in the form of a reunion, we remember some of the best moments.


There are many juicy moments in this season, but there is one, in the first chapter, that set the course for the entire series.

It was Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston) entrance to Central Perk, the cafe where friends continually met. With her wedding dress and after leaving her boyfriend the dentist, her return to the life of her old friend Monica (Courtney Cox) marked her entry into the particular universe of her group of friends: Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Chandler ( Matthew Perry), Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Ross (David Schwimmer).

A season that also served to meet some memorable secondary characters such as Janice (“Oh … my … God!”) Or Gunther. Central Perk’s bartender in love with Rachel.

T 2.

It’s Ross and Rachel’s kiss season, after getting the jammed door open to Central Perk. But also in which Joey spends his first decent salary buying two huge recliners that became one of the most characteristic elements of the apartment that the two friends shared.

And in which the fantastic song “Smelly Cat” is heard for the first time, which Phoebe sings as badly as usual, giving lessons on how to do it none other than Chrissie Hynde.

T 3.

In this installment we discover Úrsula, Phoebe’s unpleasant twin sister, and Frank, their half-brother, played by Giovanni Ribisi, one of the many collaborations of well-known interpreters in the series. Like Isabella Rossellini, whom Ross tries to make believe is on his list of five most wanted celebrities. Or Ben Stiller, Rachel’s boyfriend who is charming to everyone except Ross, the only one who sees her angry side.

T 4.

The bet for a change of apartment between the boys -Joey and Chandler- and the girls -Mónica and Rachel- falls on the male side after a fun contest in which they are not able to say what Chandler works on, which is one of the unknowns of the series.

And, of course, there is the character of Julie, a British woman with whom Ross falls in love and with whom he marries in the spectacular last episode of the season. Phoebe stays in New York pregnant with her brother’s triplets; Rachel shows up at the wedding in a tracksuit to tell Ross that she loves him; Ross pronounces Rachel’s name upon marriage. And to top it off, Monica and Chandler start a secret relationship.

T 5.

In the middle of the series, the crazy moments follow one another.

What fan of the series does not remember the birth of Phoebe’s triplets and the succession of doctors in the hospital? Or how Ross turns into some kind of monster when someone eats his sandwich at work. Or the hilarious scene in which Ross tries in every possible way to remove some absurd, tight leather pants that he has put on to impress a girl. Not forgetting Monica and her dance with a turkey on her head.

T 6.

Phoebe’s running way puts Rachel in trouble, who ends up succumbing to the absurd and exaggerated gestures her friend makes when she jogs. We also got to see Phoebe turned into an aggressive executive, Chandler being the assistant to a famous Joey, with whom Rachel falls in love. All this in two chapters entitled “The one that could have been”.

But the star moment of the season is Monica’s proposal to Chandler.

T 7.

There is a good collection of funny moments in this seventh season. Like when Monica tries to reproduce a complex recipe from Phoebe’s grandmother, which turns out to be in the box of some well-known Nestlé chocolate chip cookies. Also when Joey accepts an acting award on behalf of a partner and is unable to release it or when Ross disguises himself as an armadillo to convey his love for the Hanukkah party to his son Ben.

Although if something shines this year it is the appearance of Kathleen Turner as Chandler’s father.

T 8.

Another guest became the star of the eighth season.

Brad Pitt, then Jennifer Aniston’s husband, participates in a chaotic Thanksgiving dinner and remembers his terrible time in high school as a friend of Ross with whom he formed the Rachel Green hate club.

A chapter that competes in interest with the one that discovers that Ross is the father of the baby Rachel is expecting – thanks to a red sweater – or with the last one, another hilarious birth that ends with Joey proposing to Rachel.

T 9.

Watching Chandler fall asleep in a meeting at his work and how he unknowingly agrees to move to Tulsa is one of the funniest moments of the penultimate season. Together with Mónica giving everything in a piano bar in which he reaps a great success thanks to the transparencies of his clothes.

The last two episodes are a perfect closure. The gang in Barbados, Monica’s hair untied and Mike (Paul Rudd) asking Phoebe to marry him, shortly before David (Hank Azaria) does too.

T 10.

The end of the series had a marked sentimental and melancholic tone, with the birth of the babies of Monica and Chandler, which leads them to make the difficult decision to leave Manhattan and leave their beloved apartment.

Rachel also moves, to Paris, for work, but at the last minute she gets off the plane thanks to a message from Ross, who has tried to go with Phoebe to the airport to convince her not to leave.

But seeing Phoebe trying to teach Joey French is one of the funniest sequences that most represents the spirit of “Friends”.

Alicia Garcia de Francisco