Freixenet invites you to celebrate small everyday moments

They say that Christmas does not begin until the commercial of Freixenet’s Nevada letter. One of the most emblematic advertisements in the history of advertising and that for 60 years has given life to the golden cava bubbles and has embodied them through international film and music stars.

The campaign this Christmas has been presented to the media this morning online. Your title is Life is how you celebrate it and pretends highlight the importance of celebrating small moments through six everyday scenes, such as a move, a small gathering of friends, a like you did not expect, liking yourself in the mirror, getting a piece of furniture or having a day without children …

The satisfaction of having assembled a piece of furniture without help is a good reason for celebration for Freixenet

Albert Mollon

The protagonism is those small day-to-day achievements and not the famous bubbles, created in his day by Leopoldo Pomés, which for the first time will not be present in the advertisement.

From the Freixenet cellars, in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, Pedro Ferrer, vice president and CEO of the group; Gabriela Riviecio, Marketing Director; and Jesús Lada, creative director of the Havas agency, have been revealing details of the 2020 campaign, which from today is present on social networks and will premiere on television networks tomorrow, Friday the 4th.

“Freixenet achieved notoriety thanks to bubbles and celebrities, but in the sixties, the motto was that every day you can celebrate having achieved a challenge, -explains Pedro Ferrer. In the United States, for example, years ago we ran a campaign whose slogan Celebrate little victories every day (celebrate small victories every day). And that is what we want to highlight in this year’s campaign ”.

Open plan for the presentation of the Freixenet Christmas campaign with the Director of Marketing in Spain, Gabriela Rivieccio, the CEO of the company, Pere Ferrer, and the Creative Director of Havas, Jesús Lada.  Image of December 3, 2020 (horizontal)

Gabriela Rivieccio, director of marketing in Spain at Freixenet; Pedro Ferrer, vice president and CEO of the Freixenet group; and Jesús Lada, creative director of the Havas agency, during the telematic presentation of the advertisement

Freixenet / ACN

And the vice president of Freixenet adds: “The public expects our announcement at Christmas, and that is why we broadcast it on these dates, but what we want to highlight is that we can celebrate every day of the year, beyond Christmas, which we hope people will celebrate this year wisely to be able to celebrate many more Christmases ”.

For Gabriela Rivieccio, “It seems that if you do not celebrate something, it is as if it did not existAnd also, if you celebrate something it is as if you enhance it and do it better ”. And in this sense it ensures that the idea of ​​the campaign Life is how you celebrate it, from Freixenet is to give a happy and positive message: “That consumers feel reflected in some of the situations and we steal a smile from them ”. That is why in the ad they have wanted to avoid references to the current reality caused by the coronavirus and do not appear, masks, for example, although the meeting of friends is of six people and on a terrace.

Scene of six friends meeting on a terrace in Freixenet's 2020 Navaidean ad

Scene of six friends meeting on a terrace in Freixenet’s 2020 Christmas ad

Albert Mollon

Jesús Lada, creative director of the Havas agency, considers that the new ad “conveys a young and current tone, of the evolution of the brand, but maintains the codes that have always identified Freixenet, the idea of ​​celebrating and the golden tone”.

This year’s announcement, Life as you celebrate it, it also has a solidarity component, because for each post that consumers publish on social networks, Freixenet will contribute one euro to the Food Bank, “We collaborate in numerous solidarity actions throughout the year, but this time we involve consumers because small actions can be very valuable,” says Gabriela Rivieccio.

Scenes of parents enjoying a day without children, in the 2020 Freixenet ad

Parents enjoy a day without children in Freixenet’s 2020 campaign ‘life is how you celebrate it’

Albert Mollon

Freixenet achieved notoriety in the media and the general public because it was the first Spanish brand to hire movie stars to congratulate Christmas. In the long list of names, Gene Kelly, Paul Newman, Raquel Welch, Liza Minnelli, Shirley MacLaine, Kim Basinger, Sharon Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Meg Ryan Jacqueline Bisset, Andy McDowell and Pierce Brosnan stand out. In addition to national stars such as Josep Carreras, Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, Montserrat Caballé, Alejandro Sanz, Maribel Verdú, Plácido Domingo, Miguel Bosé or Paz Vega, among others.