Four-time Oscar nominee and Hollywood aristocrat, we spoke with Annette Bening about couples, transsexuality and discretion in the new (and nondescript) normality

“I’m driving down the highway, do you hear me well?” Annette Clear (Kansas, 1958). Above the noise, his voice is clear, calm and firm. “I went to see my parents, who were celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. Isn’t that incredible? ” For many, it is also important that the actress wears 28 years married with one of the most elusive seducers of Hollywood, Warren Beatty. Despite the curiosity that surrounded one of the great Hollywood couples from the beginning, he has preserved his privacy and that of his four children. Only when the greatest of them, Stephen Ira, spoke publicly of his transsexuality, Bening sacrificed some privacy in order to make the trans community visible.

His last movie, Regreso a Hope Gap, collides head-on with all this. Not only does it expose without veils the breakdown of a marriage after decades together, but it is based on the own experience of William Nicholson, author of Lands of Twilight, an adult witness to the separation of his parents. “I once told him that he didn’t have to tell me everything. However, Bill wanted to open up, share and understand. It’s what I enjoy the most about my job, the intimacy between the author and the interpreter, the link that allows you to tell a story. It’s wonderful if, as in this case, a friendship also arises ”.

Together with her husband, actor and director Warren Beatty.

Do you keep many friends from the movies, or is it normal for you to lose contact? “An almost family relationship is created, you see yourself again and it is as if the years have not passed. You live something so intense that it unites you forever ”. In addition to her husband, Warren Beatty, whom she fell in love with while filming Bugsy in 1991, the director is “without a doubt” in that film family. Lisa Cholodenko Y Julianne Moore, with whom he did The Boys Are Right, and independent filmmakers like Scott Z. Burns or Mike Mills. “It’s one of the reasons I make movies, to meet these amazing and brilliant people behind them.”

When I act, I give myself permission to go deeper into some aspects that I wouldn’t do in real life. “

The other powerful motive is also getting to know each other better. “It has a therapeutic point, I give myself permission to delve into certain aspects that I would not do in real life.” If you think of an example, remember Mothers and Daughters, “a very special movie that not many people saw” about three women marked for adoption. “A lady took me by the arm in a store one day and told me that she had never told anyone, that she experienced something very similar and had been reunited with that son she had given when she was older. It is an honor, the recognition that you have done well ”.

With four naming of the Oscars and an enviable career, Bening has made discretion a hallmark. Just like patience. She hadn’t turned 40 and was already saying that she wanted to grow up, see what they offered her when she was no longer young and beautiful. “It is obvious that in the last 20 years better characters have been written for women, more complex, away from stereotypes”. It is the period spanning from American Beauty to the newest. Movie stars don’t die in Liverpool. Also in which he has participated in blockbusters with female protagonism, such as Captain Marvel, confirmation of the new paradigm.

A good professional moment that has frozen the pandemic. The remake of Death on the Nile, with a stellar cast led by Kenneth Branagh or Gal Gadot, will arrive in December, but projects like Turn of mind with Michelle Pfeiffer have been put on hold. “I don’t know when the situation will be safe for me to go back to work,” he explains. “I can’t complain: in my family we are all healthy and safe. It is being very hard for the people of the culture; at least two-thirds of the sector has been unemployed. I am especially concerned about those who were just starting out, who have seen their careers cut short ”. Bening, who has a few hours’ drive to get home, knows he has a long way to go.