For sale this spectacular Toyota Land Cruiser by Tom Hanks

If you really like SUVs and are tired of so many modern SUVs, this Toyota Land Cruiser by Tom Hanks can meet your expectations. The Bonhams auction house is offering this classic unit for sale, one of the land with the best off-road capabilities, which belonged to the famous North American actor.

It’s about a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 in perfect condition, despite being from 1980. The car has been used by the actor, but not too much. On the chassis you can see signs of the passage of the kilometers, but, in no case does it require major repairs. This Toyota off-roader is ready for its next owner to ride on all types of surfaces and roads.

Toyota Land Cruiser by Tom Hanks

It must be said that Tom Hanks’ Toyota Land Cruise does not correspond to the original FJ40, and that the actor has been introducing a series of modifications to improve performance.

First of all, it does not equip the Straight-6 engine, but a Vortec V-6 GM L35 de 4.3 litros more modern. The auction house has the invoice for the engine change and the certificate from the California Office of Auto Repair. In addition, it includes the BAR emissions label under the hood, which means that complies with anti-pollution regulations Of California.

Toyota Land Cruiser by Tom Hank

Other modifications are the increased ground clearance, the power steering, for improved maneuverability and more powerful brakes for a more comfortable and effortless driving experience. The Toyo Open Country tires are also different, with a spare set.

Indoor air conditioning

Toyota Land Cruiser by Tom Hank

The interior was equipped with air conditioner To improve comfort on board, adjustable seats of Porsche origin and a simple Sony radio with speakers, although it does not reach the current top-level audio systems.

Photos: Bonhams