First details of the more than possible, second season of Damien – Series Addicts

Glen Mazzara the one who was showrunner of The Walking Dead, is now at the forefront of the drama of A&e Damien, for the one who has just confessed that he is ready to get to work on a second season that apparently is already being negotiated after the end of the first this past Monday, May 9.

Although the critics have not been very favorable for Damien, Mazzara already negotiates with A + E and Fox 21 Television studios for a new installment that he claims to be “excited” about.

Mazzara has declared to Blastr that he is already in talks with the team of directors, writers and actors and that all of them are ready to return with a second season.

“I have a lot of ideas for that season” explains the producer and showrunner “Specific episodes and character arcs, I just hope we get that chance.”


As for what could be seen in the new season, Mazzara has advanced that after the end of the first season, «Unfortunately, Amani found a fate similar to that of Verónica [siendo violados por las raíces de los árboles] and he ended up in a common grave with sister Greta Fraueva (Robin Weigert) and later showed that hand through the dirt. And this and knowing who is resurrected would be interesting for the season.

“We have an idea of ​​who he is,” he says. Mazzara There is a great deal of history there, but I am not going to say anything. We just want to set the subject for season 2, I really don’t like to do melodramas, especially with Damien, but we like to define the subject. It is a very dark, gloomy episode. So the hand that comes out of the grave is a beautiful image, from a horror movie, how not to do it? We also want to set up Vatican death squads. These guys are mobilized and they are finally coming.

On the other hand, Mazzara advances that the series could show other scenarios to those already seen in the first season. “The series began in Syria and I believe that a story about the Antichrist cannot be told without the participation of Jerusalem. I think that’s part of the original movie and our story as well. At some point Damien has to go to the holy land I do not promise that for season 2, but it is something that is part of his story, I do not want to go any further. The other thing to expect to see in the coming seasons is Damien on the field as a war journalist or celebrity. I believe that we have to see this figure on a world stage. I like the global opportunities of the characters.