Felicity Huffman already has a series going after serving a prison sentence

There are people who are sentenced to go to prison and it costs them a lot to remove the label of troublemakers and criminals. Others, on the other hand, are lucky enough to receive an extra-official pardon. Felicity Huffman, of a glittering career on television after passing through Desperate women Y American crime, He already has a new television project after the judicial process and the conviction that he received for participating in bribes so your child could go to the college of his choice.

In May 2019 he pleaded guilty, in September of the same year he received a sentence of 14 days in prison, a $ 30,000 fine and 250 hours of community service., and in October he was already serving his sentence. Despite not having had a project to announce, from Deadline they report that Huffman has received offers after serving his sentence at the Dublin prison in California.

Offers have not stopped raining down on him after serving his sentence in the fall of 2019 for participating in a bribery case “

There is one thing on American television that is never looked down upon: the talent and professionalism of those actors who have shown themselves capable of keeping a successful television production afloat and who understand what it takes to work in the medium. And Huffman has finally signed for a series: a comedy inspired by the story of Susan Savage, the owner of a team of the Sacramento River Cats, a baseball team.

Huffman has also been involved in the project from the beginning. She was approached by producer Aaron Kaplan to star in a Susan Savage-inspired comedy, and seeing that the Desperate Housewives star was interested, he gathered a team around her: Becky Hartman Edwards (The Bold Type) as a screenwriter and Zack Gottsagen as a co-star, an actor with Down syndrome who has come to the fore in Hollywood after starring The family you choose con Dakota Johnson y Shia Labeouf.

Felicity Huffman.

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The series wants to be a cute comedy about a woman who inherits a baseball team after the death of her husband. He has no choice but to take charge of the business, learn the ins and outs of the sport and the team, as well as having his eldest son (Gottsagen), a baseball lover, on the right hand side.

The still-untitled project is being developed for ABC, which relies on Huffman after Desperate women Y American crime , two series that also aired on the Disney-owned channel.

Disney-owned ABC channel trusts Felicity Huffman again after ‘Desperate Housewives’ and ‘American crime’ “