Father there is only one 2 and 10 other films with parents to watch as a family

Review of the best films about fatherhood that the cinema has given us. Santiago Segura, Sean Penn, Will Smith or Viggo Mortensen are some of our movie parents.

Best movies with parents that you can watch with the whole family

Santiago Segura has once again demonstrated its good commercial sense with the premiere of Father there is only one 2, his new film as a director that has managed to revitalize a Spanish box office in need of alegrías after several months of the Covid-19 crisis. The success of the director’s film Stream has made us look back and recover a subgenre as grateful as that of the movies with parents.

There are good, bad and regular, as in real life, but they all have in common being the protagonists of films that will make you have a good afternoon and maybe make a call to your father when the film ends. Because we all have or have had a father, let’s review this together top of the best movies about parents to watch as a family.

Father There Is Only One 2 (2020)

There is no more than one father 2 (2020) - Cinema about parents

Santiago Segura has once again demonstrated that he is a clever filmmaker, something I say as a compliment. After sweeping the box office with the five installments of Stream, has found in this remake of the Chilean film Mom went on a trip a new franchise to exploit. The first installment was the highest grossing Spanish film of the year, this second part is on the way to repeating the award, and the audience leaves the theaters delighted. If, in addition, for this sequel he recovers for the big screen Loles Leon and it helps cinemas to see some light at the end of the black tunnel that covid-19 has brought, all good for me.

Trailer of Father There Is Only One 2

I am Sam (2001)

I am Sam (2001) - Movies about parents

Sean Penn He is not an actor who stands out for emanating good vibes in his roles, that’s why this melodrama it is a unique opportunity in his filmography to discover him in a new record, that of the Sam of the title, a father with intellectual disabilities who lives for and for his little Lucy, an extremely intelligent seven-year-old girl. Her life is complicated when her ability to guard the girl is questioned. The movie is pure dessert movie But its careful workmanship and the presence with Penn of Michelle Pfeiffer and Dakota Fanning make it a more than worthy entertainment that will bring a tear to the most sensitive of the sofa. Penn was nominated for an Oscar for best actor by the way.

They’re All Good (2010)

Everybody's Fine (2010) - Best Family Movies About Fatherhood

Probably the last great movie of Robert De Niro until the arrival of The Irish is this dramatic comedy that covers the Italian original of Giuseppe Tornatore 1990. Frank is a retired father and widower who, faced with the excuses of his four children to join him to celebrate Christmas, decides to visit them one by one to check how they are. His reality will be far from what he is told on the phone, but the trip will serve to regain the relationship between him and his children. De Niro is splendid and exudes tenderness in a role and a film that went unfairly unnoticed and in which he shares a cast with prominent names such as Sam Rockwell, Drew Barrymore or Kate Beckinsale.

In the Name of the Father (1994)

In the name of the father (1994) - Courageous parents in the movies

One of the great courageous parents that we have seen in the movies. Jim Sheridan directed this masterpiece based on real events that tells of the IRA attack and the subsequent indictment and trial of those known as: “the Gilford four”. Daniel Day-Lewis is flawless as usual, but the film’s discovery is Pete Postlethwaite, nominated for a supporting actor for his role as a devoted father who leaves behind his differences with his son to give himself to his defense. Do not stop listening to the masterful “In the name of the father”, Song written for the film by Bono and Gavin Friday.

In the name of the father – BSO

A Story from the Bronx (1995)

A Bronx Story (1995) - Ranking Movies with Parents

Robert De Niro has only directed two films in his career, the excellent The Good Shepherd, and this wonder with which he debuted behind the cameras with a story that refers to the characters of Scorsese’s cinema in which he worked so much but from a more intimate perspective. Much of the credit is also due to Chazz Palminteri, an actor who became known with this film for which he wrote the script based on his own play. A history of the Bronx tells the story of Calogero, a boy who lives in one of the most humble areas of the Bronx and little by little is entering the underworld sponsored by the mobster Sonny and in the face of the opposition of his father Lorenzo, an honest bus driver who he wants to remove his son from that world.

Like Father Like Son (2013)

Of such a father such a son (2013) - cine paternofilial

Koreeda signs this simple but emotional film about the purest fatherhood, which is felt and exercised beyond the ties of blood. A successful architect believes that he has everything solved in his life until one day he receives a call from the hospital that informs him that the one he believed his son is not really because of a confusion at the time of giving birth, six years ago. An intelligent reflection on fatherhood in which the director masterfully mixes drama with comedy and makes his film most accessible to the general public.

Billy Elliot (2001)

Billy Elliot (2001) - Royal Parents in Movies

If I had to choose an image that illustrates the pride of being a father, it would undoubtedly be the last shot of the father in this masterful musical by Stephen Daldry, pure joie de vivre and with one of the most emotional by real and credible parents in the history of cinema, that worker punished for “thacherism” who, despite not understanding very well his son Billy’s obsession with dance, decides to support him. We all want to have a father like Billy’s, we all want to have a son like Billy too.

Billy Elliot ending scene

Life is beautiful (1997)

Life is Beautiful (1997) - Sweet Films about Parents

Despite being somewhat tricky, it is difficult to escape the allure of the father courage in this comedy-drama set in the holocaust With which Roberto Benigni hit the ball at the box office around the world and even at the Oscars, winning the best actor to everyone’s surprise. It is not a film that I particularly like, but it must be recognized that the chemistry between Benigni and the little boy who plays his son works and if you get carried away by the suspension of disbelief that the proposal requires, Life is Beautiful is one of the great movies about fatherhood in the history of cinema.

In search of happiness (2007)

In pursuit of happiness (2007) - top movies about parents

We all have beginnings and mine was not being directly the star editor of Cines.com. Before delighting you with my wit and humorous filmic amenity, I had to earn my beans like another of the greats of the world film industry, Quentin Tarantino. Almost eight years of my life I spent behind the counter of a videoclub And at the end of my stage in that sacrosanct place I discovered two things: how much richer the people are, the less willing they are to pay the surcharges for late returns, and 12 out of ten people like it. Looking for happiness. Will Smith lost weight, grew his hair in an Afro, and proved that when he wants to, he’s an excellent actor in this emotional – and manipulative – drama that ranks at the top of any self-respecting parenting movie. Even Will’s son Jayden Smith was decent.

The Road (2010)

Movie about courageous parents, The Road (2010)

At the time of its release, this adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s novel of the same name about a father who flees with his son into a devastated future world was a dystopian drama. Now with the Coronavirus crisis The Road takes on a new and disturbing meaning that we hope will not be fulfilled. More than anything because football cannot stop whatever happens even if it has to pull all the pcr that our toilets do not have for themselves. Going back to what has brought us here, The Road It is one of those good movies that it is difficult for you to repeat once seen, its bleak and nihilistic tone makes this portrait of a father’s love for his son to the last consequences send you to bed more depressed than when they eliminated your team from the Champions League and… shit I have fallen into my own trap.

Capitán Fantastic (2016)

Captain Fantastic (2016) - Movies with Educating Parents

Viggo Mortensen repeats in this Top of the best films with parents as protagonists in the history of cinema, but this time in a movie that deserves to be seen once a year to regain faith in the human being, the value of education and the need to always be alert and ready to send a well-thinking society to the ass. The story of a father who decides to live with his children outside of the established norms is a lesson that being a father can be wonderful and trying not to raise your children with a little screen stuck to your face since they are babies can pay off. I say this for my freak brother-in-law, who is surprised that his son doesn’t speak barely after three years when there isn’t a fucking book in his house and he has him lobotomized all day with the iPad to leave him alone.

Will Smith, Viggo Mortensen, Roberto Benigni: padres de cine

So far the review that we have wanted to do from cines.com to some of the best family movies with fathers or about fatherhood. There are of course many more titles and if you want to contribute any you have the comments open as always. And now pick up the phone and call your father please, once a year it doesn’t hurt.

Last update: 22/08/2020