Fast and Furious 9 becomes leader of the Mexican box office

Summer is one of the most important times for the film industry worldwide, and it is precisely this season in which large productions are taken to theaters with the aim of having a secure collection. Summer vacations are ideal to welcome all families taking a break from work and student life. Undoubtedly, things were completely different last year due to confinement from the COVID 19 virus pandemic.

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And although this year normality has not returned as it was before, various activities have begun to re-emerge little by little; one of them was the cinema. After not all commercial chains opened their doors at the same time, now that both Cinemex and CinĂ©polis are already serving, the ticket offices have started to rise significantly. Two of the films that began to show a positive increase in attendance were Cruella – 93% and The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It – 85%.

It is worth mentioning that Disney is a company that knows how to market its productions, proof of this is the amount of merchandise that continues to bombard various media with references to live-action; and in the case of the horror film, it is a franchise that has established itself as one of the highest grossing. But it must be recognized that there are others that already have their success assured long before their release.

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Now that Fast and Furious 9 – 65% managed to reach the screens, has made it clear that after twenty years of existence of the saga, it continues to be liked by the public, despite the fact that several moments of its plot in different installments have been mocked, even these are factors that end up drawing the attention of the public to decide to pay a ticket. An important part of the delays suffered by the film starring Vin Diesel, has to do with being able to reach as many people as they have done over the years, and now that people have begun to leave with more confidence, it is time perfect.

According to the weekly analysis carried out Canacine on the economic impact of each premiere, in Mexico, as in the whole world, the ninth installment of Fast and Furious – 53% is the leader at the box office, replacing the one that had managed to stay in first place for three consecutive weeks (The Conjuring 3). From June 24 to 27, the film where family and cars are protagonists raised $ 179.8 million, accumulating a total of $ 216.6 million since its opening night.

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In addition, 2.5 million people turned out to see the film over the weekend, for a total of 3 million. For its part, the third film of The Conjuring – 86% managed to raise $ 14.6 million during the last days, and a total of $ 313.6 million accumulated during its four weeks on the billboard. The same cinema received 212 thousand attendees on the weekend, adding a total of 4.8 million.

A Quiet Place Part II – 93% and Cruella They only had to travel one spot in their third and fifth weeks respectively. John Krasinski’s film has so far a total of $ 108.9 million pesos since its premiere, with a total of 1.6 million attendees. Meanwhile, the film starring Emma Stone continues to attract attention and this weekend raised $ 12.3 million and $ 206 million in total, having already received 3 million people since its premiere.

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