Famous tightwads who do everything to save money

Taylor Swift has become a really popular singer, and despite amassing a net worth of $ 400 million, she always buys clothes from cheap brands like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters.

However, there are some who despite being millionaires, are quite stingy.

It seems that some celebrities prefer to maintain a simple lifestyle and not give themselves too many luxuries, although they can.

At least this is how these celebrities have shown, that although they have a lot of millions of dollars, they are still looking for offers in the supermarkets, buying used clothes and even refusing to help the homeless in order to save some money.

|Keira Knightley

When Keira Knightley was at the height of her fame, she only allowed herself to spend 50 thousand dollars to continue maintaining her simple and “normal” lifestyle.

|Paul McCartney

There is no doubt that the former Beatles has a great fortune. However, he always prefers to fly economy class and even refused to send his children to a private school.

|Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell saves so much that she didn’t even want to spend money for her wedding. She bought her wedding dress for $ 142 and did the ceremony in court.

|Tyra Banks

Despite having a lot of money on the runways, the former supermodel takes the soaps and shampoos with her when she stays in hotels.

|Britney Spears

Remember when Britney’s financial documents were turned over to TMZ? There it was discovered that the singer regularly went to bargain stores such as Pay 99 Cents + Or Less.

|Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has a fortune from his brilliant career in Hollywood, yet when it comes to transportation, he opts for the cheapest. He has been driving a Toyota Cressida for many years and does not seem interested in wanting to renew it.

|Ed Sheeran

And Ed Sheeran only allows himself to spend a thousand dollars of his fortune a month.