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Music from a movie or TV show can make or break the final product and the same can be said for Netflix’s newest animation Wish Dragon.

Set in Shanghai, China, the film features a lot of Asian inspiration and the same can be said for its soundtrack.

But what songs appear on Wish Dragon?

Wish Dragon | Tráiler oficial | Netflix



Wish Dragon | Tráiler oficial | Netflix






Wish Dragon: release date and plot

Wish Dragon arrived on Netflix internationally on June 11 after its launch in China on January 15 earlier this year.

Wish Dragon, set in Shanghai, tells the story of a working-class college student, Din (Jimmy Wong), who dreams of reuniting with his childhood friend, Li Na.

Din’s adventure begins when he comes across a kettle that houses Long, the titular Wish Dragon, capable of making wishes come true.

In the Chinese version, Jackie Chan voices Long, while Korean-American actor John Cho plays the character in the English version of Netflix.

Even in the English version of the film, several characters are voiced by actors of Asian descent, including Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Constance Wu, and Will Yun Lee.


Wish Dragon soundtrack

Since the film is set in China, Wish Dragon stars numerous Chinese characters and features music created and produced by Asian artists.

The songs that appear on the film’s soundtrack are as follows:


Listen on Spotify

Following the film’s release, the Wish Dragon soundtrack was released as an album on Spotify and Apple Music.

The album, which includes Philip Klein’s cinematic soundtrack, consists of 25 tracks in total and features the songs Endless Sky and Free Smile.

Wish Dragon is available to stream now on Netflix after its release on June 11, 2021.

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