Eva De Dominici: Exclusive interview of the Argentine actress for Vogue

Eva De Dominici He is a public figure, Argentine, an idol of many and many. But here we are going to talk with a woman who has more to say as a social being and realities that connect her with those who, even from different positions and environments, live and face similar vicissitudes. Most of all, we are interested in your reflections. To begin with, what remains in her from the girl who started her career so early. ‘I still have the same illusion of that ten-year-old girl every time I get an audition, they offer me a role or I read a script. Also, she is there when I watch a movie that inspires me or while I wait for the premiere of a project of which I am part, ‘he says. ‘Despite not having the same innocence as that girl from Chiquititas, I keep dreaming and the routine does not extinguish my emotion. ‘

Who is Eva De Dominici?

His job is to act and that is always important. ‘Be an actress It is trying to understand the human condition more, connect with the stories and find their humanity. Many times it is an excuse to do things that I would never dare to do in my real life. Acting allows me to explore many worlds, and that is something I have had from a very young age: I look at a person walking down the street and I imagine their story. Acting is my refuge, a caress and, perhaps, a consolation and an escape from the routine and my own existence. ‘

Each actress or actor has their way of build your characters. Eva tells us that she sits down to read the scenes with the director. I’m usually more thoughtful in rehearsals. Once I’m in front of the camera and listen to Action !, the character ends up emerging. I love when an improvisation comes out with the camera rolling, it’s magical; but I like to be directed. ‘

Eva de Dominici series and films

His method has proven to work and there is a race to prove it. Right now they don’t stop. As of writing this note, Eva and her team are confirming global representation with one of the strongest networks. In addition, it just premiered Cosmic Sin, starring Bruce Willis, and has filmed a pilot for a Fox series, produced by Warner. This June, we see her sing and perform at Maradona, for Amazon, where he plays Lucia Galán.

That agenda spans various media. How do you assume that role? ‘The level of exposure is very large, therefore I feel a direct responsibility. The media, a movie or a series they carry a message, and that has individual and collective consequences. It can generate anxiety and hope in an entire society. I care that everyone shows diversity, otherwise they would be making a part of society invisible. There always has to be inclusion and a hopeful halo, a message that has something positive, ‘he says.

There is something that is always linked to the social function of artists, much more of actresses and actors, and that is constant exposure to the public eye. ‘As I got older, I became more and more private. In my case, out of impulsive reactions – a part of my character that I am learning to tame – I have said things that I regretted. You cannot speak the same in private, as when you are in front of a camera and carry a message to those who look at you. I decided to protect myself, especially now that I have a son. We know that there is a tabloid and we ‘fire’ it by making personal statements; so it is hypocritical to bother with the press. That said, I believe that everything is valid if it does not harm third parties or generate unhappiness. With respect to Cairo, my son, the exposure is zero. He will choose in the future what he wants to do. It’s not fair that I throw myself into a jungle full of lions just because I chose to be a part of it. ‘

And is that jungle usually more rugged for women? ‘I have had very loving male companions who supported me. I came across very few dinosaurs. It is true that some men are afraid that women are powerful enough to overshadow them or remove them from that imposed masculinity. I’m proudly ambitious, so I couldn’t have those around. We have to stop assuming the mandates of a macho society, It affects men and women equally. I still carry marks of the machismo in which I was raised, not because of my parents, but in general. Today I have a male child and it is my responsibility to raise him as a feminist man. ‘

We come to the topic of fashion, a world that Eva lives as a professional and as a consumer, and with which she expresses each side of her personality. ‘I have been through many places when it comes to dressing and, surely, I will continue to try. Sometimes I see pictures of me and I say to myself: ‘what did I wear?’ But each step has led me to be what I am. Today I feel whole and strong. I am dressing very classically and confident in what I am wearing. At work, when composing a character, I begin to mold him with clothes. Even for an audition, that helps me get into the skin of who I’m playing. I love fashion, which is another very important artistic expression. I admire the designers and the way they speak to us from their creations. It’s a world that conquers me more and more. ‘ And that also happens to us after seeing the many edges of his personality. Eva de Dominici continues to conquer us.