Ephemeris: June 20, enshrined in good memories

Half a century of the most beloved neighborhood. I want my flag. The last cupbearer’s celebration. Ezeiza. A box office shark and the 3,000 of the great Paul

The collective memory does not forget one of the most salient heroes in Argentine history, one of his examples. One day, 50 years ago, which marks the beginning of a children’s program that would become a classic in Latin America.

The date of the last great continental celebration of the “half plus one”; of a fact that left a sad mark on the modern history of Argentine politics; and a film that changed the way of production in Hollywood. June 20 has intensity of memories.

History: 1820 (201 years). go dead Manuel Belgrano, at 50 years. His death occurs on the day of the three governors, when in the midst of anarchy Ildefonso Ramos Mejía, Miguel Soler and the Cabildo of Buenos Aires are proclaimed. The son of a wealthy family, Belgrano studied in Spain and returned to be an official of the viceroyalty. Imbued with the ideas of the Enlightenment, he embraced the cause of the May Revolution. He was a member of the First Board and led the expedition to Paraguay. At the command of the Army of the North, he defeated the royalists in Tucumán and Salta, and suffered defeats in Vilcapugio and Ayohuma. In 1812 he created the national flag. He died in poverty. The date is remembered as Flag Day.

Television 1971 (50 years). The comic series “El chavo del 8 ”, Created by and starring Roberto Gómez Bolaños, who would become one of the most successful entertainment programs on Hispanic television. The first episode had as actors Roberto Gómez (El Chavo), Ramón Valdez (Don Ramón), María Antonieta de las Nieves (Chilindrina) and José Luis Fernández. The latter incarnated the clothes man, a seller of various objects and a collector of used clothes. Don Ramón used it to scare his daughter, La Chilindrina. It is because she did not want to take her medicines and, in the face of her resistance, Don Ramón threatened her that the clothes man would take her. Ramón and Chilindrina lived in apartment 14. In that premiere they did not use their traditional costumes, and it was not until 1972 that the rest of the known cast would enter. 290 episodes were broadcast until 1980. In Argentina it was only discovered in 1979, at noon on Channel 9.

Football: 2007 (14 years) Boca obtained its sixth Copa Libertadores, by beating Gremio de Porto Alegre as a visitor by 2 to 0. The goals of Miguel Ángel Russo’s team were made by Juan Román Riquelme (the first, of notable invoice, after a shot from outside the area). The “10” was the top scorer of the “Xeneize” in the contest with eight shouts and was named the best player of the tournament. In the first leg, played at La Bombonera, the Argentine team had beaten 3-0. Boca, once again King of America.

Facts: 1973 (48 years). Ezeiza Massacre. The internal conflict of Peronism breaks out, when left and right groups collide in the forests of Ezeiza, the day the plane that brings Juan Domingo Perón from exile is awaited. Two million people mobilize in the largest concentration in Argentine history. The flight coming from Madrid must land in Morón. There are thirteen dead. In the following days, Perón will seal the end of the government of Héctor Cámpora, who with his resignation will seek to facilitate access to the third presidency of the General

Cinema: 1975 (46 years) The modern business of cinema in Hollywood has a starting point and it was the premiere of Jaws, the work that consecrated the director Steven Spielberg. Listed as one of the best films in the history of cinema, the film is remembered as a true milestone in the seventh art. It was the highest grossing production until the premiere of Star Wars in 1977. From this production the new model of entertainment in action and adventure films and the summer releases that would make it have great collections. The film starred an important cast led by Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss and Lorraine Gary. It had a production cost of 9 million dollars, in its first weekend it achieved 7 million box office in the US and in two weeks it recovered its initial investment. It also raised 480 million worldwide. It also featured a life-size mechanical shark and a wonderful John Williams soundtrack. It was only released in Argentina on December 25, 1976

Music: 2004 (17 years) – British musician, songwriter and singer Paul McCartney offers his 3,000th concert in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, which was part of the “’04 Summer Tour” by the former bassist and vocalist of The Beatles. The show’s promoters are said to have doused the clouds with dry ice to prevent it from raining that day over St. Petersburg, where McCartney rekindled “Beatlemania” in Russia.

Production: Roberto Blanco Macor for Asteriscos Tv