Ephemeris: intense images so as not to forget June 10

Day of one of the most talented actresses. Of sovereignty and claim. From an unthinkable shirt and a complex family. Of soul, national rock and pop

One of the most beautiful and talented women in our cinema and a special birthday, along with a day that is a permanent memory in claiming national sovereignty.

The day that Michael Platini played with a jersey of a Mar del Plata team, and the one at the end of a family that caught millions of spectators.

A day of remembrance for the king of soul, and the birth of a band that was destined to flatten Argentine rock. Enough reasons not to forget the June 10th

Cinema: 1941 (80 years) Born in Dolores, province of Buenos Aires, Graciela Noemí Zabala, better known as Graciela Borges. One of the emblematic faces of Argentine cinema. She made her debut in El Jefe, in 1958. She was seen in films by Leopoldo Torre Nilson and stood out in The Dependent, by Leonardo Favio. In the 70s, he starred in Chronicle of a Lady, The Revolution, Triangle of Four, Sola and El infierno so feared. In the 80s Angelic Pubis, The Garden Passengers and Poor Butterfly arrived. In the 90s, he headed the cast of Funes, a great love. Closer in time she was seen in La Ciénaga and in The Story of the Weasels. In his career he filmed more than 60 films. Among other awards, she received the Silver Condor and is an Illustrious Citizen of the City of Buenos Aires.

Acts: 1829 (192 years) Luis Vernet assumes as First Political and Military Commander in the Malvinas Islands and undertakes to comply with Argentine legislation. He will hold the post until a few months before the British occupation of 1833. On the same day, but in 1770, the Spanish authorities ordered the eviction of the English who had arrived in the archipelago. June 10, 1829 is remembered as Day of Affirmation of Argentine Rights over the Malvinas, Islands and Antarctic sector

Soccer: 1978 (43 years) In one of the most curious events in the history of the World Cup, at the close of the initial phase of the World Cup in Argentina, the France team faced Hungary playing with the Mar del Plata club Kimberley shirt. Both had dark jerseys (the era of black and white TV for many countries, including Argentina) and the alternative clothing of both teams was white. In this way, the Mar del Plata club lent their jackets, and so Michael Platini, among others, was for a while a player of that team in the memory of his fans. The Gauls won 3 to 1

Music: 2004 (17 years) Ray Charles, one of the most important soul musicians in history, passes away. He was born in Georgia in 1930 and lost his sight at the age of seven due to glaucoma. Despite being blind, he studied piano and saxophone. Artists like Frank Sinatra and Billy Joel did not spare praise when it came to pondering the importance and influence of Charles. His enormous discography made Rolling Stone magazine place him 10th on its list of the best artists of all time, and that it considered him the best male singer in history and the second among men and women, only behind Aretha Franklin. The year of his death, the biopic Ray was released, winning the Oscar to Jamie Foxx.

Series: 2004 (17 years): After 6 seasons and 86 episodes, the HBO cable network aired the final episode of “The Sopranos”, which was titled: “Made in America.” The production on the life of the mafia leader Tony Soprano, who played the actor James Gandolfini magnificently, focused on his problems managing his “criminal family” and the difficulties posed by his troubled blood family. It premiered on January 10, 1999, and always had a large audience, which made it the most commercially successful cable series in history. The closing of the saga tells how Tony Soprano makes deals with some members of the New York family and is supported by the FBI. While the rest of the family is finding their world, and everyone plans a new future.

National Rock: 1988 (33 years) At the Rouge Pub in Flores, one Friday night, the band performs its first concert “Divided” at that time made up of ex-Sumo, Ricardo Mollo (guitar) and Diego Arnedo (bass), along with drummer Gustavo Collado (ex La Sobrecarga). Since March 1988 they had been rehearsing, and that night they played various Sumo songs such as “Divided by happiness”, “Mañana en el abasto” and “Better not to talk about certain things”, in addition to some songs that would be part of the first album of the group: “40 drawings there on the floor”

Song of the day: 1978 (age 43) Reaches number 1 on the US Billboard, for a week, the song “You’re the One That I Want” from the movie Grease, played by John Travolta y Olivia Newton-John. This was the second single to be released after the film’s premiere. In the US and UK alone it sold more than 6 million copies, making it one of the most successful singles in history. He was head of music rankings in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan

Production: Roberto Blanco Macaor from Asteriscos.Tv