Ephemeris: a wacky and gothic dimension, June 19

A “bad guy” who made you laugh. The most anticipated hero and a “Crazy” juggler of the ball. Royal espionage. A boy, the lazy cat and the Twist dimension

The baddest of the three craziest, who came to start a unique dynasty of humor. At last the overcast, after so much waiting, arrived at the cinema so as not to leave anymore. As intense as the goal that made the “madman” of the town known to the world.

In the middle of the Cold War, controversial death. And a cat with little desire to do things, and if we have fun. The day of the man who put music and commitment to the sound of Brazil. A date with a lot of art, a known dimension of culture, June 19

Cinema-TV: 1897 (124 years) In the middle of Brooklyn, New York was born Moe Howard the natural leader of that unforgettable comic troupe that were The Three Stooges, protagonists of the world of film shorts since 1936, when separated from Ted Healy, who was a theater star who led them to the movies, they formed Larry Fine and his younger brother Curly, the famous trio. Moe always served as the person responsible for managing the contracts and the group’s finances, as well as the representative. In 1946, Shemp, the older brother of the family, joined in to replace Curly, who suffered a stroke, and died in 1952. In total, including the 16 shorts with Joe de Rita, the group filmed 190 films of 15 minutes each for Columbia. . That year, the company decided to close this short film department and opened a television subsidiary where all this material went. There began the trio’s world-famous explosion that lasts to date, now in color. Moe, died on May 4, 1975, of lung cancer before his 77th birthday

Cinema: 1989 (32 years) After years of waiting for their opportunity on the big screen in 1989, the long-awaited arrived Batman, the first of his film saga with the hallmarks of its director Tim Burton and Michael Keaton as the bat man. However the big find of the film was the role of Jack Nicholson as The Joker. Although that role was offered to many established actors, the creator of “Batman”, Bob Kane always wanted the actor chosen to be the one who played him after being moved by the face of Nicholson in 1980 in the poster of the film, “The Shining ”. The production was a total critical and public success with more than 700 million dollars in worldwide gross receipts. Also another achievement was the main theme of the film played by Prince. The film had its premiere in Los Angeles on a day like today, and it was released in Argentina on December 14 of that year.

Football: 1974 (47 years) For the initial group of the World Cup in Germany, the Argentine National Team equaled 1 to 1 against Italy. The national goal was the work of René Houseman, with a notable left foot. Roberto Perfumo, against, equalized for the Europeans. In said World Cup Argentina would reach the second round, while the Azzurros were eliminated in the first phase. Golazo of the “Loco”.

Comics: 1978 (43 years): The cat comic strip debuts in the US press Garfield, created by Jim Davis. The comic, which was made into film, television, and video games, is named for Davis’s grandfather, James Garfield Davis, who had been named after US President James A. Garfield.

Music: 1944 (77 years) Francisco Buarque de Hollanda was born in Rio de Janeiro. Singer, songwriter, guitarist, Chico Buarque He is one of the central figures of Brazilian culture. Tributary to Tom Jobim, his career spans since the 60s. Among his vast discography are Meus Caros Amigos, live records with Caetano Veloso and María Betanha and his version of La opera de los tres centavos, which is Ópera do Malandro. He has also dabbled in literature, with novels like Budapest. In 2019 he received the Camões Award, the highest distinction for Portuguese letters

Facts: 1953 (age 68) Julius and Ethel Rosenberg They are executed in the electric chair for espionage, in one of the most dramatic episodes of the Cold War. Both were communist militants. The case had started when Sergeant David Greenglass admitted to having passed on information about the atomic bomb to the Soviets and pointed to his sister and brother-in-law, the Rosenbergs, as instigators. The Espionage Law of 1917 provides for the death penalty, which for the first time is applied to civilians.

Series: 1964 (57 years) Science fiction, lots of fantasy, drops of drama and some hints of horror, they made The unknown dimension an anthological series that in its first stage ended in 1964 after 5 seasons and 157 episodes. The creation of Rod Serling (author of more than 90 episodes) and that had a rotating cast with figures such as Robert Redfort, Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, among others, it debuted on the US CBS network in 1959. It was the classic, the best of 4 more stages that took place in 1980, 2002 and 2019.

Song of the day: 1961 (age 60) The single was released in the United States Let’s Twist Again interpreted by Chubby Checker who a year before had already achieved an important impact with the song “The Twits”. The song composed by is by Kal Mann and Dave Appell, reached number 1 on the British Chart and 8th place on the Billboard 100. It was the song of the year and was a Grammy winner.

Production: Roberto Blanco Macor