Enjoy a movie day this Father’s Day

Torreón, Coahuila /

In order to to enjoy as a family the Father’s day here we leave you some recommendations of love movies, drama, comedy or fiction, the genre that you like the most and is the ideal one to go through an afternoon with the family enjoying.

Finding Nemo

A movie that certainly shows the love of a father for his son, that regardless of the obstacles or the distance decides to travel in search of Nemo and despite the setbacks that he encounters on his way do not give up until you get to your son.

All are alright

Robert De Niro plays a man who decides when he retires that it is time to spend more time with his children, so he organizes a meeting to which everyone gives an excuse not to attend, so he decides traveling and visiting their children, discovering that they are not as happy as they claimed. Comedy and drama that you will surely enjoy.

Effect hit

A combination of drama and romance that this film carries in which Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams talk about the relationship of father and daughter and how decisions and discovering what they are really passionate about is recounted in this film in which they are He lives a journey that brings together and reopens painful situations between them, but in which love stands out above all else.

The road

If what you like is fiction and apocalyptic themes, this film talks about the survival of a father and his son, who travel through cities that have been destroyed by a mysterious cataclysm. This story is the adventure that father and son live and from which they manage to support each other because of the love they have.


To laugh for a while this comedy will surely enchant you as talking about love, confusion and humor through the protagonist of the film Ewan McGregor who meets a woman after the death of his father who when his wife died enjoyed a life gay with a younger man, so as a son he learns to give himself to love with humor and hope as an example that his father inherited.