Emma Watson reveals the perfect skincare routine to have porcelain skin at 30

Emma Watson She is one of the most beautiful actresses and the 31-year-old has become an icon of beauty. Through an interview with Into the Gloss, the protagonist of Harry Potter revealed his skincare routine to show off porcelain skin.

Curiosity about the world of beauty came to Emma Watson when she was filming Harry Potter, because the actress assures that she was always interested in what the film’s makeup artists carried in their bags. However, now she is more interested in the skin care.

How does Emma Watson take care of her skin?

night cleaning

Emma Watson stated that she always washes her face at night, no matter how late she gets home or how tired she is. The actress assures that this is a step that she did not do frequently, however, now it has become a habit in order to take care of her skin.

Emma Watson uses non-alcoholic products

The actress who gave life to Hermione confessed that her skin type is dry, so it tends to dehydrate with most products, since they have alcohol. Emma Watson chooses to use natural toners and moisturizers that do not have alcohol so as not to feel the famous cardboard skin.

Photo: Instagram @emmawatson

Emma Watson exfoliates her skin once a week

A fundamental step in Emma Watson’s skincare routine is exfoliation, as it removes dead cells and impurities. However, he only does this once a week to avoid irritating his face.

Hydrating creams

If Emma Watson is aware of something, it is that her skin is the best reference for knowing which moisturizer to use, which is why the actress usually changes products from time to time and depending on the needs of her face.

Emma Watson
Photo: Instagram @emmawatson

Emma Watson is one of the most beautiful celebrities and now we know why, because she takes care of her skin so much that she certainly looks spectacular with or without makeup.