Emma Thompson will be Tronchatoro and Alisha Weir Matilda in the new Netflix adaptation

In November 2018 it was announced that Netflix had struck a deal with Roald Dahl’s family to adapt several works by the Welsh writer, and one of the first projects to be announced was the new adaptation of Matilda, which was previously made into a movie under the direction of Danny DeVito in 1996. The film recently announced that Lashana Lynch will play Miss Miel, now through her social media (via Deadline) Netflix has announced who will play Agatha Tronchatoro and the protagonist.

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Months ago it was announced that Ralph Fiennes would be in charge of giving life to Tronchatoro, since the musical of Dennis Kelly The gender of the character changed, but the creatives behind the new project decided to take a step back and return to what was written in the book. The villain will be played by Emma Thompson, British actress who won the Oscar for The End of Summer – 92% and known for her roles in Realmente Amor – 63%, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – 91% and The return of the magic lullaby – 75%.

In the ’90s film, Pam Ferris masterfully brought Tronchatoro to life and her image was etched in the hearts of fans, even becoming meme material in recent years. The character exaggerates the characteristics of strict principals in schools, with an obsession for order and rules that is terrifying, and if that was not enough, he does not hesitate to use brute force against children he considers astray.

For the role of Matilda Wormwood Netflix announced Alisha Weir, a young actress who has appeared in films such as Don’t Leave Home and Whoops! 2 The adventure continues (2020):

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Alisha Weir as Matilda, Emma Thompson as Miss Tronchatoro, Lashana Lynch as Miss Honey. That is magic. That is MATILDA. Director Matthew Warchus’ musical adaptation comes to Netflix.

Matilda is the story of a genius girl born into a family with whom she has no affinity, but finds a refuge and support for her intellectual interests in Miss Miel, her school teacher. Matilda also has telekinetic powers, which she develops alongside her superior intelligence.

Despite all the complaints that can be made against this casting, the fans could be answered the same thing that has been said in the past: the “original” work that you love so much will continue to exist unaltered and this new version will be able to be enjoyed. (or despised) by the new generations. Another recent remake that raised a lot of anger was The Witches – 45%, also based on a work by Roald Dahl and with an antecedent that left the bar very high, Las Brujas – 100%, de Nicolas Roeg.

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On the other hand, we must not forget that the new film of Matilda it is an adaptation of the musical and not of the novel like the 1996 film. The original book was published in 1988, but most know the story from the film adaptation and this limits the acceptance of fans around new versions.