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This Wednesday, British actress Emma Thompson has been named Lady of the British Empire, one of the highest honors bestowed by the royal family. The event was held at Buckingham Palace (London, England) and it was Prince William who placed the medals on the honored women, something that made the 59-year-old interpreter especially excited.

“I love Prince William. I’ve known him since I was little and we used to laugh at each other,” said the Oscar winner for Sense and Sensibility (1995) to the journalists present at the event. “I said, ‘I can’t kiss you, can I?’ And he answered me: ‘No, don’t do it,’ reveals the actress, who, according to the American television network ABC, plans to use this appointment to focus attention on the poor food situation that low-income children go through during school holidays.

The closeness between the actress and the Duke of Cambridge stems from the long friendship between her and Prince Charles. According to the book Charles: The Heart of a King (Carlos: the heart of a king), quoted by the magazine PeopleThompson wrote letters to the heir to the throne to encourage him during his stormy divorce from Princess Diana in 1996. “I would receive periodic messages from those who care for him at his Highgrove residence saying: ‘[PodrĂ­as] leave a note? Because he’s a bit sad ‘, so I would take my pen and write the funniest letter I could think of at the time, “said the interpreter of Love Actually to the author of the book, Catherine Mayer.

Actress Emma Thompson, at Buckingham Palace, last Wednesday.AFP

Although he didn’t get the expected kiss, Thompson couldn’t help but praise the second in line to the British throne. “He looks wonderful and is very good. He told me: ‘This day is not about me, it is about you,” commented the actress, who wore a navy blue suit and white sneakers during the ceremony, “It is really charming because I have always loved children [Guillermo y Enrique], and I have always been someone close to his father. It is a very pleasant sensation, “he concluded.

The title of Lady or Knight of the British Empire is used to recognize an achievement or contribution to the community in any area, so those named with it can be from Hollywood stars to volunteers in a charity project. Among the women who received this honor in previous years are the director of Vogue in the US, the British Anna Wintour, and the actresses Elizabeth Taylor and Julie Andrews.