Emma Thompson has fun being a villain in “Cruella”

Throughout her career the British actress Emma Thompson has obtained recognitions such as Oscar, Golden Globe Y Emmy, thanks to his work in film and television.

At 62, he continues to find new acting challenges and this time he is on the side of Emma Stone as protagonists of the new film of Disney “Cruella”.

Thompson brings to life the Baroness -new in the universe born of “101 Dalmatians”– who becomes the nightmare of a young Estella / Cruella (Stone).

“I think if my husband had been on set he would have said ‘and I don’t really need to act,'” the actress jokes.

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Thompson participated in a virtual conference with Stone as part of the promotion of the film that this weekend finally reaches theaters and the platform Disney+ at an additional cost.

The feature film is one of the first major theatrical releases after the pandemic of Covid-19.

“I had fun doing this character because for many years I have been asked if I could play a villain, and I spent decades playing what my mother used to call ‘good women in dresses’ and now I have to do a really bad woman in a dress,” she commented .

Emma Thompson said that one of the attractions of the film is the dresses. Photo: Disney +

Like Cruella, the Baroness is a figure dedicated to fashion, in fact in the film the character of Stone wants to be like her because of the recognition she has in the clothing industry. However, she is also evil and a threat to the protagonist.

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“Oh god the dresses, they dressed me. I had the best time and every time Emma and I went on set we would see each other and turn around in front of each other, we were like sculptures. or art work or something and we were. In a way, everyone created the Baroness and I just stood on her and said her lines. “

As Thompson relates, one of the film’s greatest attractions, in addition to the “Emmas,” is the visuals. The costume design was in charge of Jenny Beavan while the makeup was by Nadia Stacey.