Emma Stone and Emma Thompson talk about ‘Cruella’

Emily, were you surprised that Disney allowed this tape to be so dark?

Emma Stone: Yeah. I mean, they really let Craig and Tony write the story they wanted to do. And it’s definitely dark, for a Disney. Maybe not a very intense, R-rated thing, but it’s definitely the darkest Disney movie I’ve seen in a long time.

Emma the Baroness is new to this universe, and she’s both fabulous and a living nightmare. What was it like creating it?

Emma Thompson: Well, you know, I relied on life. I think if my husband were here he would have said “and he didn’t need to act, really.” I had a lot of fun playing her because for many years I had wanted to be a villain, a full-fledged villain, and I spent decades playing roles that my mother calls “good women in dresses.” And now I was a very bad woman in dresses. And, god, the dresses. They used me; that’s what really happened. Every time we got to the set, Emma and I would look at each other and walk around each other as if we were looking at a sculpture or a work of art, and well, we were. In a way, we all created the baroness and then I just walked up and said the words.

What was it like wearing those changing rooms? Could they sit down? Eat? Did they have to put napkins on them?

AND: No. My underwear was like the rigging of a ship; there were people pulling strings. Was much. Going to the bathroom was difficult and involved a team of people. And the shoes were a challenge because I don’t wear anything taller than flip flops in real life. She also had wigs and was much taller than I am used to being. I had to go in and out of places on the side, and I usually had Dalmatians at my feet. Underwear was an issue for me, but not for Stone, who is so skinny and didn’t need to wear a damn corset.

IT IS: My favorite outfit, which was absolutely ridiculous, was the one I wore in the garbage truck, because it had a forty-foot train. I was not attached to the dress because obviously I would not have been able to move. What they did was add it once I was in the truck, about to film. It’s something you could never see in real life. I also wore an immensely long skirt for the scene where I cover up a car. It was epic. Trying to walk to a car and cover it completely with a switch that had the skirt. It was just fantastic.

AND: And everything is real. You really walked to the car and pulled all that stuff, and you did it like a million times because it wasn’t easy. And then the garbage truck, when it was running, the meandering motion really happened. All of that is real and it is something that I love, that it was not a CGI movie.

IT IS: There is CGI with the dogs, but they are dogs that were always on set. There are so many scenes where we were able to comfortably have the dogs and it was amazing.

AND: Yes, and they were amazing and so sweet. They CGI them to make them a little nefarious, because they were actually so cute and they worked so hard. They had their little marks, like little actors, and they would go back to them and wait, and then they would give them an award.

Emily, which character do you prefer for you and which one challenged you the most: Estella or Cruella?

EN: It is interstate because at a certain point there is rejection towards Estella. She is very cute, but she is not completely in herself. And there is something very attractive about Cruella, because she is just who she is. It is completely accepted, and I am interested in that world of Cruella, although sometimes it crosses lines that I would not necessarily cross.