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Emily in Paris”Follows a marketing executive who travels to Paris to provide an American perspective on a French advertising company. Unlike the protagonist of the Netflix series Lily Collins revealed that she used to speak fluent French until fiction appeared.

“I grew up speaking French at school. My little brothers are half Swiss, so I started speaking French with them at a young age, ”the British-American actress said in a clip from The Netflix Afterparty.

He spoke so fluently that he even read and dreamed in French. But nevertheless, Lily Collins He confessed that he stopped practicing and his confidence waned. “My little brothers’ English was much better than my French, so I started to give up,” she said.

In this interview he also said that when he started recording “Emily in Paris“She was willing to brush up on her French, but” Emily is so bad at French and I play a character who is the most American I’ve ever felt in my life. “

“It was very difficult for me to decipher between the two, so my French, I think, got worse,” he added. However, he promised to improve for the second season of the series of Netflix. “I’m going to get better again,” said the actress.

Lily Collins promised to improve her French for the second season of “Emily in Paris” (Photo: Netflix)


Lily Collins She is very happy with the success of the series, this has brought her more popularity and very good experiences. The actress spoke with Cosmopolitan and revealed how she is like her character.

“I think Emily is optimistic, very dreamy and passionate and I like to think that I am too,” Collins said of her resemblance to her character. Although she emphasized that Emily turns out to be much more outgoing than her.

However, there is something in which they do differ. While Emily is addicted to Instagram, a bit because of her work and because she likes the social network, Lily Collins says that she does not spend as much time on social networks because she likes real life more.

Emily, like Lily, is optimistic, very dreamy and passionate (Photo: Netflix)
Emily, like Lily, is optimistic, very dreamy and passionate (Photo: Netflix)