Emilia Clarke talks about the controversial coffee mistake

Three years have passed since one of the most striking production errors in contemporary television occurred. It happened in the fourth episode of the last season of “Game of Thrones”, when someone forgot to remove a glass of Starbucks coffee from a table, causing the modern utensil to appear briefly in the frame and viewers made fun of it on social networks.

HBO would manage to take this event with good humor, but a person in charge has never been pointed out, until now. During a chat with Entertainment Weekly, actress Emilia Clarke shared her thoughts on the matter, pointing out who may have been responsible for leaving the coffee glass on set.

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When asked in the interview what her favorite morning drink is, Clarke replied, “It’s not Starbucks, spoiler. I’m going to say again, for the record, it wasn’t mine. I’m looking at you, Dan Weiss ”, referring directly to one of the creators of the series.

Weiss served alongside David Benioff as executive producer and showrunner of “Game of Thrones” for its eight seasons, but he has thus far taken no credit for being responsible for this mistake. Benioff revealed in James Hibberd’s book “Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon” that he thought a prank was being played on them when this incident went viral.

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In the book, Benioff thought it was about these situations where someone used Photoshop to alter an image, but it wasn’t until the moment he saw it on television that, despite his disbelief, he began to wonder how come he didn’t. managed to see it before.

It is not the first time that Emilia Clarke has spoken about this incident, pointing out that Conleth Hill, the actor in charge of playing Varys, was responsible during a talk that the actress had on the Jimmy Fallon program, where she clarified that Hill confessed to having left her coffee on the film set, but she didn’t want to say anything because at that time, many pointed to Clarke as the person responsible.