Emilia Clarke and the coat that elevates a look of jeans and a T-shirt

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Since the terraces of the bars opened, the streets of London come alive again. The latest celebrity portrayed by the media spotlights in this British capital has been the actress of ‘Game of Thrones‘, Emilia Clarke, who has been seen in its streets on a walk to his daily errands.

For the occasion, Emilia surprised wearing a simple style to which he added a touch grunge that differentiated the whole and with which he drew attention to the asphalt. The actress wore a style combo consisting of a basic white t-shirt, some jeans azules Camel belted high-waisted dark suits to match his two-tone boots and a long black and white plaid wool coat with a black hood. This outer garment, which also includes double buttoning and fringes in the lower area, was, without a doubt, the one that captured all the eyes of passersby.

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The coat of Emilia Clarke it is a sustainable design with a signature gabardine cut Mother Of Pearl whose fabric is wool from sheep cared for in freedom in the mountains. This is how you can read in its description on the website where it is for sale, the luxury multi-brand platform Net a-Porter in which it can be purchased for the price of 914.40 euros.

Checked wool coat (914.40 euros), from Mother of Pearl, on Net a-porter.

I want it!

This design is a perfect piece to decorate any look easy. It modernizes the outfits, adds a unique twist and elevates with greatness from outfits monocolored even those that alternate garments as basic as those chosen by the actress. The choice of the actress is a great example that, to harmonize an outfit, you do not need anything more than a single garment.

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