‘Dragon Ball’: Jackie Chan had a plan for a live action movie

If there are people with the property of talking about what an action movie should be, surely Jackie Chan is one of those people. The martial arts star, who also has a lesser-known career as a filmmaker, was already interested in bringing ‘Dragon Ball’ to theaters, long before the ill-fated 2009 adaptation. Daizenshuu ‘, a collection published in the 90s dedicated to break down the details of Akira Toriyama’s handle.

In testimony published in the book, the actor says he got in touch after many people close to him spoke highly of the ‘Dragon Ball’ franchise. “Then I watched the anime, then I read the full Chinese version of the manga. Naturally, as I was told, it was quite interesting, ”says Jackie Chan. He also said that his favorite character was Goku.


For the manga creator, Jackie Chan in his youth would be the ideal choice to play Goku; character is the actor’s favorite. Credit: Toei Animation / Disclosure

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When asked about the most memorable passage in history, the actor said that it was difficult to choose just one. “There are many fascinating scenes. It’s the kind of thing I’d like to see in a movie, ”the actor reflects. ‘Dragon Ball’ is full of amazing ideas and full of imagination. And to make a movie, you would need a lot of special effects and a huge budget, “he said.

The aspects highlighted by Jackie Chan are precisely the weaknesses of the live-action adaptation of ‘Dragon Ball: Evolution’. With a budget of 30 million dollars, the film is a production whose low budget is visible. By way of comparison, another adaptation of the comic from the same year, ‘Watchmen’, cost R $ 130 million. Another aspect highlighted by the actor, the visual effects, are also weaknesses of the 2009 film, as can be seen in the trailer:

The interest that the play aroused in the actor is not a mere coincidence. The author of ‘Dragon Ball’ even declared himself a fan of Jackie Chan’s work on some occasions, and these action comedies, in some way, also influenced, above all, the initial phase of the manga, which has greater comic weight. Also according to Toriyama, young Jackie Chan would be the perfect choice to play Goku.

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