Documentary: Russell Brand Calls His Life With Katy Perry Empty And Artificial | Style

Comedian Russell Brand has found singer Katy Perry his best way to attract attention. If two years ago the comedian made fun of the sexual life he had with the interpreter of Roar, when they were still married, today he assures that during the time they were together – 14 months of marriage – he had an artificial life. The statements are made in the documentary Brand: The Second Coming.

The feature film, which premiered on October 9 in the United States, tells how a trip the 40-year-old comedian made to Africa in the spring of 2010 caused a “so profound” change in his values ​​that it led him to question his marriage – a wedding in style in India – with singer Katy Perry.

“I was associated with everything I hate: a famous bland, empty, artificial and silly. That was my panorama: ‘Who is he? He is married to Katy Perry,” he confesses in the documentary, where Russell is also mocking of his wife (when they were still married) in one of his monologues and admitting to his friend Stephen Merchant that he did not think their marriage would last. It’s good that I’m with someone I love. But it is not a spiritual resolution … I suspect, that at some point, to be happy, I will have to move away, “he admitted to Merchant.

Katy Perry with British comedian Russell Brand. AP

In another scene of the documentary, the musician Noel Gallagher confesses that he knew that this marriage had no future. “Russell called me once and said, ‘What happens when she wants to see a movie and I want to see another? It breaks my head.’ I remember saying, ‘Just let her see your movie.’ I knew then they wouldn’t get very far, “says the former Oasis member.

According to him Daily Mail Katy Perry is upset and ashamed with everything that is said about her in the documentary, which the same director Ondi Timoner assures that Brand has not approved. “It hurts Katy so much to relive her painful marriage like this. She feels vulnerable and ridiculed, “a source told the UK edition of Grazia.