Do celebrities pay for their own stars? Learn how the Hollywood Walk of Fame came about – Rock & Pop

Each year new nominees and nominees are presented to be chosen as the new figure who will have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in the American city of Los Angeles.

Among those who have one of the coveted stars are multiple people who have contributed to the entertainment world and the arts. This recognition is given not only to actors and actresses, but also to musicians, including Michael Jackson, each of the members of The Beatles, Madonna, o los Backstreet Boys, and even fictional characters like The Simpsons or even the fearsome Godzilla dinosaur.

To be nominated for the Hollywood Walk of Fame you must meet a series of requirements in the applications. But before that, did you ever wonder how it was born this mythical avenue?

A ceiling with stars

This project arose in 1953, after the president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, EM Stuart, presented the proposal. The main influences that gave rise to the idea were the handprints from the Chinese Theater, and the existence of a restaurant in the Hollywood Hotel that had its ceiling painted with stars and famous names of the time.

It was two years later when they agreed to create a proposal, which also had to collect signatures to present the official petition to the municipality of Los Angeles, which was done in 1956. New ideas emerged, such as including stars that had a caricature of the chosen celebrity, and that the avenue had the colors brown and blue. They then suggested that this cartoon was too complicated and also preferred other colors – black and coral.

With that idea in mind, the Chamber of Commerce established the Hollywood Improvement Association run by Harry Sugarman, who was an entrepreneur at the time who had relatives in the film industry. However, they also wanted to take into account other figures of the show and began to select people from movies, television, music, and radio. Later, in 1984, the theater. Each of these categories had its own committee to choose the person, among which were Walt Disney, Samuel Goldwyn, o Walter Lantz. In their time, they even proposed 150 names per week, which sometimes had their own controversies due to differences around the elections of each of the members.

The opening day of the ride

The ride had its inauguration on August 15, 1958, when the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and City Hall organized a ceremony to display a Walk of Fame prototype, specifically at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland, where they revealed the stars from eight selected artists: Burt Lancaster; silent film actresses such as Oliven Borden and Louise Fazenda; actor Ronald Colman; died months before; musical theater specialist Presto Foster; Edward Sedwick; actor and director Ernest Torrence; and actress Joanne Woodward.

Although they were ready to continue adding new figures, there were two lawsuits that could not continue advancing with the project. On the one hand, the neighbors of the place they did not agree to pay the budget; and on the other hand, the Charles Chaplin’s son filed a lawsuit for having excluded his father. Both lawsuits were dismissed in 1959 and construction continued the following year. The first one that was put on was that of the director and producer Stanley Kramer. As early as 1961, the Paseo was finished with 1,558 stars.

walk of fame hollywood charles chaplin

Hence, the tradition was to include new stars every year. On May 18, 1962, eThe Los Angeles Council authorized the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to add new names and regulate the process. This took a little longer, and in 1968 a new star was added in front of the Chinese Theater for producer David Zanuck. Finally, in 1972, after having problems due to his communist ideology and which influenced the decision of the committees, Charles Chaplin had his own, and by 1975 100 more had been added.

How do you choose the people who will have a star on the ride?

This walk is often associated with the film industry. Although the person who led the idea of ​​this project saw it focused on only actors and actresses, today the stars are divided into five categories: film, television, theater, music and radio. Sometimes there are exceptions, like the Apollo XI crew to the moon in 1969, the Dodgers baseball team, or the Chinese Theater itself.

Applications are usually made in May of each year, and then do a ceremony where the person will have to attend to get their star included, or otherwise postpone the event until you decide to attend. For example, the singer Madonna was going to be given one, however, she was absent the day she was summoned and until today it has not resumed the process.

julianne moore

A photo of the nominee, a biography of no more than two pages of the person, qualifications, a community contribution list, and a letter of agreement from the nominee or their agent. This should be sent to the contact listed on the official website of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

From there, the committee will choose around 30 people who will be accepted for one of these ceremonies. Their professional achievements, longevity in your category to apply (of at least five years or more), contributions to the community, and the guarantee that the celebrity will go to the ceremony.

For the maintenance of the celebrity star, you can choose pay it himself, his sponsors (film studios, record companies, etc.), your fan clubs or the same organization that has been accepted to have one.

The mythical stars of the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Thousands of tourists who pass every day along the famous avenue usually take photos with stars of some of the most famous people in the world.

For example, Michael Jackson owns two stars, one in 1980 for his participation in his brothers’ band, The Jackson Five, and another that he obtained in 1984 for his successful solo career. This last, received hundreds of flowers when he died.

michael jackson

Others more photographed are those of Marilyn Monroe, y Mickey Mouse. There is also that of Walt Disney, another from Bugs Bunny, and another from Crazy bird. Others include Marlon Brando, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, Demi Moore, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie o Jack Nicholson.

If one day you feel like going and you can’t find a star of your favorite celebrity, you can check it on the star map and verify its location.