Disney + launches the Star brand for a more adult audience this Tuesday

The Disney + platform launches this Tuesday in Spain the new Star brand, with more adult content that complements its wide range of children and youth. According to studies carried out by the company, adults subscribing to Disney + were very interested in finding more content, also for those over 18 years of age. For this reason Star was born, which premieres with more than 40 television series and 250 films, and will incorporate new titles every month from studios such as Disney Television, ABC Signature, FX Productions and 20th Century Studios. In addition, Disney plans to shoot around fifty original productions in Europe until 2024.

During the recent virtual presentation of Star in Spain carried out by the CEO of The Walt Disney Company Iberia, Simon Amsalem, and the vice presidents of original production, Sofía Fábregas, and of programming, Vincent Sourdeau, a lot of emphasis was placed on strict parental control to through pin codes that adults can update whenever they want and in the sections they see fit through a simple configuration process for 6, 9, 14, 16 and 18 years old.

‘Besos al aire’, with Paco León and Leonor Watling, will be the streaming service’s first Spanish production

Since the arrival of Disney + to Spain in March 2020, more than 600 films and 400 series have been released, of which 90 are original. In 2021 “we will add, under the Star brand, 800 titles for older audiences, both classic and new,” revealed Sourdeau. Among the original premieres – already available from today – are Big sky , a thriller about the disappearance of women created by David E. Kelley ( Big little lies ); With love, Victor , a series inspired by the movie With love, Simon ; horror series Helstrom ; and animated comedy for adults, Solar opposites . Throughout the year one of the brand’s great bets will arrive, The Dropout , the new content of the Kardashian clan. And together with these new proposals complete classic series such as Grey’s Anatomy . And movies like Pretty Woman , and the sagas of Alien , Crystal jungle .

‘With love, Víctor’, another of the series that can be followed in Star

Mitchell Haaseth / HULU

Regarding Spanish fiction, Disney + announced the premiere of the Spanish miniseries Air kisses , starring Paco León and Leonor Watling and produced by Mediaset, which will be the streaming service’s first original production. Air kisses It will arrive in March and is a romantic comedy that tells eight crossover stories, with confinement as a backdrop. The movie will also premiere in Star The plan , starring Antonio de la Torre, Raúl Arévalo and Chema del Barco.

After adding this sixth tab to the platform (along with those of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star wars and National Geographic) there will be bonuses for customers already subscribed with the maintenance of the price of € 6.99 / month or € 69.99 / year including Star first six months. For those who subscribe from today, Disney + will cost € 8.99 / month or € 89.90 / year.

Warning about ‘The Muppets’

After incorporating last Friday the five seasons of The Muppets, Disney + has decided to warn viewers that some of its content includes “negative representations or mistreatment of people or cultures” that respond to “stereotypes that were incorrect then and are now”. The platform adds, however, that it has not wanted to eliminate this content in order to “recognize its harmful impact, learn and encourage people to talk about it to create a more inclusive future among all.” So reads a message that heads 18 of the 120 episodes of the series created by Jim Henson between 1976 and 1981 in which Kermit the frog and Peggy the pig received stars like Steve Martin, Raquel Welch, Johnny Cash or Julie Andrews. Although Disney + does not specify what content is considered inappropriate, among the offensive scenes would be that of Jim Nabors disguised as an Indian haircutter, that of Spike Milligan in which he is dressed in Chinese with exaggerated front teeth, or that of Peter Sellers dressed as a gypsy with a big gold earring in her ear. At the end of January, Disney + already blocked Dumbo, Peter Pan Y The Aristocats on children’s profiles for their “racist” content.