Director Robert Downey, actor of ‘Boogie Nights’, dies at 85

Ell 2020 was one of the most complicated years for humanity, because unfortunately we lost a lot of important people, among them mú[email protected], artists and Hollywood celebrities. However, and despite the fact that this 2021 things calmed down, that does not mean that we have to fire some entertainment figures like this time, since This July 7, the actor, director and producer, Robert Downey, died at the age of 85.

In accordance with TMZ, Robert Downey Jr.’s father passed away this Wednesday while he was sleeping at his home in New York, after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease with which he fought during the last years of his life. The actor himself who gave life to Tony Stark / Iron Man in the MCU confirmed the news through his Instagram account, where He posted a photo of his dad and a message to fire him.

“Last night, Dad passed away peacefully in his sleep, after years of enduring the ravages of Parkinson’s… He was a true nonconformist filmmaker, and he remained remarkably optimistic throughout… According to my stepmother’s calculations, they were happily married for a little over 2,000 years ”, was what Robert Downey Jr. wrote about his father.

A brief summary of the life and work of Robert Downey

Robert Elias – who would later change his name to Robert John Downey– was born in New York on June 24, 1938. In the 1960s, he began writing and directing absurd, low-budget films, but the true peak of his career came a decade later, when started working as an actor and director in major productionss, among which stand out Greaser’s Palace, Moment to Moment Y Hugo Pool.

Robert Downey Sr. also worked on films by other renowned directors such as in Boogie Nights Y.Magnolia by Paul Thomas Anderson, as well as The Family Man by Brett Ratner, where he had a very small role and shared credits with Nicolas Cage, Téa Leoni y Don Cheadle. In 2005 he shot his last movie, Rittenhouse Square, which creatively tells the daily events in a Philadelphia park.

Foto: Getty Images

The actor and producer had two children with actress Elsie Ann Ford –Allyson and of course, Robert Jr.– but the couple divorced in 1975. Robert Downey married two more times, the first time to Laura Ernst, who unfortunately died in 1994, and 4 years later he married Rosemary Rogers, with whom he was until the day of his death. Without a doubt, it leaves us an important name within the film industry.