Die in a Gunfight: Diego Boneta makes his action film debut with reimagining Romeo and Juliet

You may place Diego Boneta as the star of Luis Miguel: The Series – 100%, or if you are older as one of the protagonists of the telenovela Alebrijes and rebujos, but what is a fact is that the Mexican interpreter is one of several that little by little has made his way in Hollywood. His first leading role in an action movie is Dei in a Gunfight, a reimagined version of Romeo and Juliet which has already presented its first trailer.

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Die in a Gunfight is directed by Collin Schiffli. The story tells of the romance between Ben (Diego Boneta) and Mary (Alexandra Daddario), children of rival families. When both protagonists fall in love, their pairing unleashes a series of events and violent fights between both sides. The film is being described as a modern, crime-thriller-style version of the classic Romeo and Juliet.

The preview shows us how the parents of both characters find out that they are dating and demand that they end their relationship. One thing that stands out is that it seems that it will be Ben who will be determined to fight whoever it takes to keep Mary. In the trailer, we see him take multiple hits and end up with a black eye. “I want to die in a shooting,” he says towards the end of the trailer in reference to the title of the film.

Die in a Gunfight comes from the Lionsgate studio. That is why if the trailer gives you vibes of Another Day to Kill – 85% shouldn’t be surprised. Have a good time that we do not see an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, so it remains to be seen if this film manages to put a refreshing twist on one of the best-known romance stories in the world. It is interesting that also in December we will see the remake of Amor sin Barreras – 94% de Steven Spielberg.

Boneta, who has many projects on the way since finding success in her Netflix series, has just seen the conclusion of the second season of Luis Miguel. The new episodes took about three years to arrive and continued with the singer’s biography. It is known that there will be a third installment, which has already been shot, and that it will arrive very soon, although there is still no release date. It will also be the last.

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The Mexican has previously participated in American productions. The most famous perhaps is Terminator: Hidden Fate – 62%, which debuted at the end of 2019. In it, however, he had a minimal role, since he was the brother of one of the protagonists and is one of the many victims of the killer robot that pursues her. Everything seems to indicate that we will see him shine much more in this new film in which he has the main role.

Die in a Gunfight It does not yet have a release date in Mexico. In the United States you can see it on July 16. The Lionsgate studio has a deal with Corazón Films, our country’s distributor, so for sure, thanks to this, since the actor is tremendously popular here, they won’t take long to give him a release date, especially now that the cases of the Viruses seem to be on the wane and theaters have opened once again.

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