Diana Rigg dies at 82

The legendary actress Diana Rigg He has died at the age of 82, as reported by his agent. After almost six decades in the world of acting after having started his career to stardom in 1961 in the series The Avengers, a British series that has little to do with the superheroes that now populate the cinemas. Before the end of the sixties it became bond girl fashionable in At the service of his Majesty, starring George Lazenby. The youngest will remember her from her last iconic role in Game of Thrones, where she played Olenna Tyrell, the Queen of Thorns.



Diana was born in England in 1938 but he moved when he was only two years old to India, because of his father’s job. She lived there until she was eight, when the family moved back to the UK so that she could continue in school. With only 17 years old he entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London, where she debuted on stage only two years later and where she trained as an actress until her first big signing on television. However, the theater was always his home and he was part of the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company, created in those years. In this framework, he shared the stage with other acting legends such as Helen Mirren, Paul Scofield, Ian Richardson or Judi Dench.


In 1967 he took his first nomination for the Emmy and in 1971 at Tony. It was not until 1994 that he won the first of these last theatrical awards for his performance in the play Medea. For Rebecca he won the Emmy in 1997 (this same film will soon be released a remake) Y His last nominations were for his performances in Game of Thrones and the theatrical version of My Fair Lady. In addition, in 2019 he was awarded the Variety Icon Award at the Canneseries, the festival focused on television fiction held in the well-known French city.

Despite his overwhelming success in Game of Thrones, the truth is Diana never bothered to watch the series, as she herself admitted last year. The interpreter was appointed in 1988 Commander of the Order of the British Empire and in 1994 she was “promoted” to Lady, an honor that she shares with other actors and actresses of her category who represent the United Kingdom and the Crown around the world.


He married twice, in 1973 with Menachem Gueffen, whom he divorced only three years later; and in 1982 with the theatrical producer Archie Stirling, with whom she had a daughter they called Rachael. She also divorced from this second husband in 1990, and since then she has remained apparently single. His daughter, now an adult woman, has followed in her mother’s footsteps and is an actress, especially in television and theater.

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