Deranged: Cameron Diaz and Katy Perry share a big problem

The word “Obsession” comes from the Latin term “obsessive” which means siege. It is a mental disturbance produced by a fixed idea, which with stubborn persistence assails the mind. Obsession has many facets of expression. An obsession is also a preoccupation or idea that dominates and monopolizes intellectual attention and that is always accompanied by a painful feeling of anxiety such as Katy Perry does.

Starting with Cameron Diaz who is an American actress, author, producer and model. In 2013 Diaz She was named the highest-paid actress over 40 in Hollywood and is also the fifth-highest-earning national box office actress in the United States. On the other hand, the actress has a certain compulsive obsession with keeping clean; this is because Cameron He’s too scared of germs to use his elbows to open doors.