Demi Moore and Bruce Willis: 6 moments where they showed that you can have a healthy relationship with your ex

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For more than 10 years, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were one of the most famous and beloved couples in Hollywood. Their marriage that began in 1987 allowed them to live a genuine love that remains latent despite the fact that they were divorced more than 20 years ago.

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Moore and Willis are the perfect evidence that when respect and affection is genuine between two people, these feelings remain no matter that as a romantic couple they no longer work. This situation has allowed them to raise their three daughters in the best way despite not being together as a married couple, in addition to living incredible moments together.

Here are 6 moments where Demi Moore and Bruce Willis showed us how amazing it can be to have a healthy relationship with your ex.

# 1 A true friendship

In his memories Inside Out, Demi Moore confessed that she was very proud of her divorce and the way they both dealt with it. In addition, he stressed that stopping being husbands and remaining as friends allowed them to live a deeper connection.

We feel more connected than before the divorce.

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Also, after their divorce, Bruce commented in an interview for Rolling Stone that beyond the fact that he no longer shares his life in marriage with Moore, their friendship will always be present.

We’re probably as close now as ever. We realize that we have a lifelong commitment to our children. Our friendship continues. “

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# 2 The happiness and gratitude that he is the father of his daughters

On Father’s Day 2021, Demi Moore dedicated a nice congratulation to the protagonist of Hard to kill on her official Instagram account. His post included two beautiful black and white photos, one of Bruce with his three daughters Rumer (1988), Scout LaRue (1991) and Tallulah (1994) when they were little and another of the family with their older daughters, with their respective families.

«Happy Father’s Day to this #girldad (father of girls) We are very lucky to have you»

This is not the first time that the protagonist of Ghost congratulates Bruce on this special day and thanks him for being an extraordinary father to his daughters. In 2020 he also congratulated him.

Happy Father’s Day, Bruce! Your daughters are so lucky to have you »

# 2 Birthdays together

Bruce celebrates his birthday on March 19 and despite not having Instagram, Moore does not hesitate to congratulate him. This 2021, she published a funny photo of the family that she accompanied with a brief but beautiful message where she made it clear how grateful she is to continue having Bruce in her life.

Happy birthday, BW! You are unique! Very grateful to share these three beautiful girls and for our blended families ❤️❤️❤️ »

In fact, every year, Demi congratulates her ex-husband with nice photos of Bruce with his daughters, and even with her too.

Happy Birthday Bruce! Thank you for the three greatest gifts of my life »

# 3 The best memories

Moore is not afraid to acknowledge what a good time she had during her marriage to Bruce and has repeatedly shared memories of this time together such as their stint on the red carpet at the 1987 Emmys, the year they were married.

“1987 #Emmys … arriving in style”

As well as their life as actors during their marriage.

«Altered reality #BruceWillis recording #TheFifthElement and I #GIJane #fbf #fbfamily»

# 4 Confinement together

Bruce and Moore not only share special dates together, but also such everyday moments as a pajama party. In fact, during part of the COVID-19 pandemic, they went through lockdown together.

# 5 Humor and love

The relationship between Moore and Willis is so transparent and honest that they can joke and refer to moments they lived in the past without feeling a bad vibe or resentment, just as it happened when Demi participated in her Bruce’s roast. His short segment elicited laughter from both the audience and the actor.

# 6 A beautiful and extended family

Thanks to her Instagram account, Demi Moore can be more open about the life she enjoys with her ex-husband. However, Bruce also shares many important moments with his ex.

For example, Demi was invited not only to Bruce’s wedding to his current wife Emma Heming, but also to a vow renewal 10 years later. In addition, Heming has shared several photos of the healthy coexistence and family that they all have together.

Similarly, Willis was present at Demi Moore’s wedding to Ashton Kutcher.

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