David Bowie Film “Just A Gigolo” To Open In UK

The forgotten period film Just A Gigolo, starring David Bowie, will finally be released in the UK in August.

The 1978 film was directed by David Hemmings, and has now been digitally remastered for release along with a 54-page booklet and other additional features.

The synopsis of Just a Gigolo says: “Paul von Przygodski (David Bowie), a young Prussian knight, arrives in the trenches in time to be caught in the final explosion of the Great War.

“After recovering in a military hospital, where he is mistaken for a French hero, he returns to Berlin. His family home has been converted into a pension, his father (Rudolf Sch√ľndler) is paralyzed and his mother (Maria Schell) works in the Turkish baths .

“Trying to find a new purpose, his childhood friend, Cilly (Sydne Rome), abandons him for fame and fortune; his former commanding officer, Captain Kraft (David Hemmings), tries to persuade him to join his Right-wing movement and a widow, Helga von Kaiserling (Kim Novak), briefly seduces him with the finer things in life. “

The man who fell to Earth

Bowie stars alongside Hollywood icons Marlene Dietrich Y Kim Novak the one that was his first movie role after The man who fell to Earth, de Nicolas Roeg, and 1976.

On the other hand, Rob Delaney recently joined the cast of the upcoming television reboot of The man who fell to Earth. He will be the protagonist with Chiwetel Ejiofor Y Naomie Harris.

The television adaptation was first announced in 2019, with the showrunners Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek) y Jenny Lumet (Rachel Getting Married), confirming that the series will explore “the next chapter” in the story of the novel and the film.

The new edition of Just a Gigolo It will be available for purchase from August 16, and can be reserved here.