Daniel Day-Lewis congratulates Adam Sandler on his performance in Uncut Gems

Daniel Day-Lewis is to many the god of acting. The actor, acclaimed for his work in films such as Bloody Oil – 91% y Lincoln – 90% withdrew from acting after having acted in El Hilo Fantasma – 97%, but that does not mean that I put aside the idea of ​​seeing a good movie. He and Adam Sandler have been good friends for years, according to what the latter revealed some time ago during his visit to the talk show from Conan O’Brien, where he also stated that the actor nicknames him “Danny boy” given the trust they have between them.

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But what is most striking to us, depending on what it collects Grit Daily, is that just as they are friends they do not hesitate to praise each other for their work when the occasion warrants it, and what has rained down to Sandler the most are the praise of those who have already seen Rough Diamonds – 100%, the film that he premiered this year, which has already gone through several film festivals and could award him a prize.

Daniel Day-Lewis is among the fans of the new film directed by brothers Josh Safdie and Ben Safdie, where the character played by Sandler is full of anxieties and despair. During your participation in the Podcast de Bill Simmons, said that the protagonist of Gangs of New York – 75% called him when he was shopping to congratulate him on his performance and how good the film was.

I was shopping for shoes and then I look at my phone and it’s a call from Daniel Day-Lewis … He starts talking about grabbing the seat across from him. “He couldn’t let go of the seat in front of me,” and he was just saying how much he loved the movie, how much he loved it [Kevin Garnett], and how much he loved what the boys did. But it was the best call of all.

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He is always remembered for that occasion when the Academy ignored him for the Oscars for his performance in Intoxicated with Love – 79%, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, 17 years ago. For many it is their definitive interpretation, but it remains to be measured against that of Uncut Gems to find a winner. At the end of the day, no awards matter when your work is done and will remain in the minds of the public, but as a joke he assured on the show Howard Stern Show that if he didn’t get an Oscar nomination this time around, he would take it upon himself to find a job in a movie so bad it will make everyone regret it.

If I don’t get it, I’m going to go back and redo one that’s so bad on purpose just so everyone pays for it. This is how I’m going to force them.

On Uncut Gems, Adam Sandler is Howard Ratner, a Jewish jeweler who runs a store in the diamond district located in New York while he is full of problems trying to pay debts he acquired by gambling money, as well as the money he owes to his brother-in-law who in he is actually a usurer. One day, he receives an opal from an Ethiopian jewelry company at his store that he plans to auction and is valued at $ 1 million. However, things will soon change, with the arrival of this precious mineral, and it will turn your life and that of those you know upside down.

Sandler He is eternally remembered for the comedy films in which he participates, which usually pass without pain or glory, and which are generally harshly criticized, although he also has great fans who have followed him since the beginning of his career. In recent years, life has smiled on him when he starred in Mystery On Board – 53%, the comedy released on Netflix that he starred in with Jennifer Aniston, which became one of the most viewed movies on the streaming service and now with Uncut Gems, which brought him back to the spotlight in case people forgot how good an actor he can be.

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