Daniel Craig: “As I get older, I need more time to be James Bond”

Daniel Craig (52) is going to say goodbye to his role as James Bond through the front door. No time to die (Without time to die) will be his last appearance as the most famous secret agent in fiction and the film’s premiere is scheduled in Spain for November 12 … if the situation allows it.

In any case, the British actor, who has moved away in his interpretations as 007 from that more ‘gentleman’ profile that Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan himself contributed to the role, thinks to say goodbye as what it is: the most portentous-looking James Bond in movie history.

After Casino Royale, Quantun of Solace, Skyfall y Spectre, Craig will once again show off a rougher and more physical profile. And it is that, for the new adventure of the secret agent, in which by the way he shares the poster with the Cuban Hispanic Ana de Armas, the physical preparation of the actor has once again been a fundamental part of the whole process.

“In my experience, training for a Bond movie is completely unique. If I can, I start a year before filming begins to prepare thoroughly. I try to avoid improvising at the last minute. That way there is less risk of injury. Notice that I say less! “, Explains Daniel Craig in an interview with Men’s Journal.

For the tranquility of the actor himself, Simon Waterson, a fitness expert with more than 25 years of experience with whom he has collaborated since Casino Royale, he has personally supervised Craig’s training and according to what the Briton comments he has not been compassionate.

The real challenge is just getting used to the routine. The day begins in the gym. One day after another. At first it’s a bit painful, but it gets easier gradually. As I get older, I need more time to get in shape, to be James Bond. But to be honest, it’s about focusing on training and working, ”says Craig, who shares the real key to his training.

“I am lucky to be surrounded by the best specialists in the sector and they are the ones who take the big risks in certain scenes. But if there is one that I think I can do, I try. Staying as agile and flexible as possible is the key, so in the end it’s not so much about lifting weights in the gym.“, Explain.

“Staying as agile and flexible as possible is the key, so in the end it’s not so much about lifting weights in the gym.”

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig, a healthy mind in a healthy body

Beyond what is strictly related to his physical routine, Daniel Craig does not underestimate the importance of two other fundamental aspects. “It’s simple. Sleeping a lot and a good diet are vital issues. Unfortunately, there are no tricks or shortcuts. I have amazing people around me to guide me, and without them it would be impossible. For example, my diet is simple and very healthy. I like to eat fresh and natural products when I can ”, he assures.

Finally, the actor, who still does not know, like the rest, who will replace him after ‘No time to die’, focuses on another basic question. “Needless to say, regular exercise is good, although I’d say mental health is even more important than physical health”, He concludes.

His name is Craig, Daniel Craig. And he will once again dazzle us in his latest adventure with another intense and action-packed performance in which, how could it be otherwise, his imposing physique will stand out. And it is that it has to honor the honorary title of being the James Bond fittest in history.