Dan Aykroyd harshly attacks Ghostbusters reboot director

The 2016 Ghostbusters movie was an economic disaster. For Dan Aykroyd there is only one responsible.

Ghostbusters it was a controversial movie from the beginning. Fans have been asking for a third installment of the legendary saga for a long time. Over the years many projects were presented but none came to fruition. Sony owned the rights and when they got serious they chose Paul Feig. A man who had given some existed to study as ‘My best friend’s Wedding’ (2011), ‘Special bodies’ (2013) and ‘Spies’ (2015). So they put all the responsibility in their hands.

He decided to give it a twist and instead of making a third installment he preferred the reboot. For this he decided to put a totally female cast. The haters were fattened by the Internet. The director entered the game and answered them on social networks. There is even a phrase in the movie for them. They made it one of the most hated movies of all time. In fact, until a while ago, the trailer was one of the videos with the most dislikes on YouTube in history. Even so they went ahead and as everything is predicted it cost a lot of money and raised little. Curiously, the original from 1984 got more box office and that with the great difference in ticket prices. For example, on rottentomatoes it has a brutal difference between the opinion of the critics 73% and that of the public 53%.

The mythical Dan Aykroyd talks about the film blaming the director.

He first commented that there will be no sequels to the reboot of Ghostbusters, because Feig spent too much money making the movie and that “He will not be at Sony again for some time.”

Aykroyd, who co-wrote and starred in the 1984 original and is credited as an executive producer on the remake, did not mention Feig by name, but said: β€œThe Director, he spent too much on the film and did not shoot scenes that we suggest. Several scenes that were going to be needed, he just said, ‘No, we don’t need them,’ and then we tested the film and we needed them, and he had to go back to shooting spending 30 to 40 million on the re-shoot. “

Dan Aykroyd praised the cast, led by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones y Kate McKinnon, saying, “I was really good in the movie.”

But, he added, β€œIt cost too much, and Sony doesn’t want to lose money. It made a lot of money around the world, but it cost too much, so it is not economically feasible to do another one ”.