Cruella, the nicotine-free origin of the dreaded villain

In May the film was released that tells the story of the antagonist of 101 dalmatians. Emma Stone stars in this Disney feature film

Caracas. Cruella de Vil is one of the most shocking villains popularized by Disney. The immeasurable obsession with fur coats, as well as by a group of Dalmatians from whom she tries to remove their skin to make a garment, have made her one of the best known evil women in the animated world.

Disney has been developing a process of reviewing the past of some of its characters for some time. In 2014 he introduced us to Maleficent, from whom we could see her losses and sorrows in that world of fairies and humans.

In culture the world of the wicked is attractive; to know their ways, and even more interesting is to see those who, although they survive adversity and hostility, choose the most mean or abject path, with all the tones of each case. Isn’t Tony Soprano still endearing to some?

Now in Cruella we see the origin of the famous animated movie villain 101 dalmatians from 1961, which had its remake in 1996 with real characters, and with Glenn Close as Cruella de Vil, now executive producer of this proposal.

Emma Stone plays one of the best-known villains in fiction’s imaginary

Emma Stone is Stella, a young woman who loses her mother as a child. He feels guilty about his mother’s death, and ends up on the streets of London having nowhere to go.

But on those cold, dingy sidewalks he meets Jasper (Joel Fry) and Horace (Paul Walter Hauser), two pickpocketing boys with whom he immediately forges bonds into adulthood. More than allies, they become family.

Jasper is the most insightful, while Horace fulfills more of the characteristics of the cartoonish rascal bordering on awkwardness. It is Jasper who sees that his friend and partner in tricks deserves a better future because of the talent he has.

Since she was little, Stella has shown talent for fashion design, a passion that never waned even in the most tragic moments., who had as a prelude to school, where classmates always saw her as a strange person, a perception also underlined by her two-colored hair. Object of bullying, she found ways to confront those who assaulted her.

Stella receives the birthday present of her life: a job at Baroness von Hellman’s fashion firm, a masterful Emma Thompson as wicked among wicked. Until that moment, she was just a young woman who found the best way to survive, until a trigger unleashes a hurricane of a thousand categories.

Cruella is set in the seventies, when the rise of punk in London

The protagonist little by little stops being Stella to become Cruella. And so the plot of this feature film is developed, which is part of the Venezuelan billboard, as well as the Disney + offer in Premier Access. Starting from July 16 will be available at no additional cost to subscribers to the Mickey Mouse platform.

Cruella is directed by Craig Gillespie, who in 2017 brought the story of skater Tonya Harding (Margot Robbie) to the screen in I, Tonya; a filmmaker who knows about telling stories of close characters that lead to chaos, in the competition to hurt each other more and more, as seen in the plot of the Olympic competitor.

This feature film is positioned as one of the best recent Disney works arising from its classics.

With an aesthetic influenced by punk, Cruella becomes a figure that subverts order in London and in the fashion industry, in which the Baroness seemed unbeatable and pristine, until the young riot arrives.

Emma Thompson’s role is reminiscent of Miranda Priestly’s character in The Devil Wears Prada

For music lovers it will be an elixir to listen to Florence + The Machine, Deep Purple, The Doors, Nina Simone, Blondie, The Rolling Stones, The Clash, Supertramp or Queen. Others will miss Cruella’s iconic cigarette, whose ghostly smoke accentuated every action as an evil presence, but in 2007 Disney promised that its characters would quit smoking. Cruella gave up the vice.

The viewer will see a story of loss, pain and revenge, but also of choices. Emma Stone he knows very well how to embody a character who debases, and who to achieve his goals, subjugates those he considered family. An attractive tyrant to the public, who finds opportune henchmen in her journey, and monopolizes the media attention in the middle of the debate about who she is and what her plans are.

The Baroness comes into conflict. I had time without having a tall rival, a true competition that endangers their interests: the recognition and admiration of a city enraptured by their forms. Without realizing that in front of her a person leads a double life that increasingly disrupts her universe.

Stella is curious, insecure, obedient and to some extent submissive at work, a clear sign of a willingness to live a different life, to start from scratch. But discovering an event from the past unleashes the pent-up anger of a person who is warned that there are other ways.

There will be immediate comparisons with movies like The Devil Wears Prada (2006). Of course, in the team responsible for the history of Cruella there are people linked to that film, as is the case of Aline Brosh McKenna. There are also Dana Fox, Tony McNamara, Kelly Marcel and Steve Zissis.

Cruella vindicates the importance of telling history beyond the obsessive search for lessons, without impairing the possibility of interpreting the events that are seen on the screen for discussion according to personal values ​​and principles. There are no flags.

In this discovery of the past, the Dalmatians on screen are not at all friendly, but almost demonic, and not as a simple exercise to justify the animadversion of the main character, but rather to show the variants of existence.

Emma Stone has said in an interview that she longed to have the character’s green smoke around her

Beyond that, the film is a good story about the origin of a figure who at times understands his excesses, especially in that more immediate environment that has not caused him any vicissitudes, although this does not necessarily imply a detour on the path taken to ulterior objectives. Cruella It also leaves an enigma about the possible changes in the well-known original story, based on the novel by Dodie Smith. There are some clues that can be seen in this feature film, especially in the epilogue. It will be seen in the following installments.

Meanwhile, there is an aesthetic proposal that enhances this story, worthy of the world that it sets, with a villain discovered in all her capacity, between anger, condemnation, a bit of redemption and the enigma for the future. Without nicotine, but with enough elements to cause addiction for just over hours, between suspense, comedy and drama.