‘Cruella’: Emma Stone could sue Disney for breach of contract – movie news

Disney’s contractual problems do not subside, recently it was Scarlett Johansson who filed a lawsuit for breach of contract regarding the premiere of ‘Black Widow’ in streaming, now Emma Stone could do the same for ‘Cruella’.

We recently informed you that Scarlett Johansson formally sued Disney for breach of contract, as Black Widow premiered in a hybrid way around the world when found in commercial theaters and through a rental by Premier Access on Disney +. Now it might be the turn of Emma Stone, who would be considering legally facing the House of the Mouse for the same situation, but in his case with the premiere of Cruella.

According to information revealed by the former editor of The Hollywood Reporter, Matt Belloni, released through his personal newsletter, What I’m Hearing… [Lo que escucho…], that The Oscar-winning actress, is seriously considering suing Disney over contract messes.

Emma Stone, star of ‘Cruella’, is said to be considering her options.

In the same post, Belloni describes Disney as a “notoriously difficult to deal with” company, this because of recent revelations by the studio’s defense, who claim not to have included any term within Scarlett Johansson’s contract; argument that could further complicate the legal dispute by directly contradicting the interpreter’s initial statements.


Emma Stone would be considering suing Disney for the simultaneous release of ‘Cruella’ in theaters and streaming.

In addition, it was mentioned that Emily Blunt could also join this fight against Disney, since her most recent work, Jungle Cruise, It could lead to the same problems when releasing simultaneously both in theaters and on Disney + through Premier Access.

At the moment, Emma Stone has not been mentioned in this regard, but it is important to consider that by having Scarlett Johansson as a reference, anything could happen. The main argument that supports the legal suits is the economic loss that supposes not to premiere exclusively in cinemas, since the protagonists would receive a proportional part of the earnings at the box officehowever this disappears as soon as a tape reaches the platform streaming.


‘Cruella’ has raised more than 200 million dollars around the world.

Cruella managed to raise 221 million dollars around the world; in Mexico the film directed by Craig Gillespie and co-starring Emma Thompson, is now available in the usual Disney + catalog and it is no longer necessary to make an additional payment to access the villain’s origin story. We still have to wait to know if Emma Stone decides to take the step against the company or everything remains as a possibility.