Cruella and the Mexican brand necklace that La Baronesa wore in the film

Cruella, a word that resonates in the minds of many, especially those of us who grew up in the nineties, where a series of countless Dalmatian puppies, aroused the fascination of Disney’s most infamous villain, but without a doubt, the most Elegant.

Starting from that somewhat melancholic introduction, we come to the film Cruella that today confers a very valuable piece, and although it is Emma Stone who revives the mythical Disney villain, this jewelry design was very well adapted to Emma Thompson, The Baroness Does it sound familiar to you? She is the London fashion designer who comes to play a major role in the life of Cruella de Vil. The styles of the protagonist and antagonist were curated by Jenny Beavan, English costume designer who, did magic in Thompson with an iconic Mexican signature necklace that will go down in history.

Who designed the necklace La Baronesa wears?

Daniel Espinosa is the name of the jeweler originally from Taxco, Mexico, who was the author of the geometric necklace that he wore The Baroness in the film. Maybe this isn’t the post-credit scene from Cruella, but an electric leather dress with a wide neck, allowed to highlight the piece that the jewelry expert created in 1999, in his collection Mexican Geometry.

As stated in his biography, he used the classic cubes that were inspired by the Mexican architect Luis Barragan. His contemporary and elegant designs represent the ancestral traditions and techniques that the designer knew in Taxco, and in this case reviving with more impetus with the appearance of The Baroness. A matching set that represents a delicacy of fine creation, the earrings, also in cube, combine perfectly with the gold-plated necklace of the jewelry house Daniel Espinosa Jewelry.

‘The collection Mexican Geometry It was created at the beginning of my career, and today it is more relevant than ever. Either in the fabulous world of @disneycruella or in the day-to-day life of those who enjoy the handmade, ‘he says Daniel Espinosa in the publication of the clip of the film on his official Instagram account.

Collection cube necklace Mexican Geometryby Daniel Espinosa.

© Courtesy of Daniel Espinosa Jewelry

On the set of Cruella, see the differentiation between Stone (Cruella de Vil) and Thompson (La Baronesa) is an unprecedented show, while the protagonist opts for eclectic tones, colorful and electrifying garments, La Baronesa favors sober tones, with classic Haute Couture finishes typical of the seventies, which led to the wardrobe Jenny Beavan It will catapult the antagonist’s outfits as the most coveted of all time, extolling the cultural elaborations that today stipulate the talent of Latin American designers.