Critica a “A Quiet Place 2” (2021) de John Krasinski

Reseña a “A Quiet Place 2” de John Krasinski con Emily Blunt y Cillian Murphy.

The prologue of A Quiet Place 2 shows how, during a baseball game in his hometown, Abbotts, known from chapter one, suddenly sees all hell breaking loose in the form of alien invaders. The feverish staging that reaches its full force in a daring impulse, makes the chaos and panic tangible. However, it is also part of the truth that images of catastrophes like the one we see here are now standard, as numerous films have evoked doom in recent years. After entering the story, we jump to day 474 after the robbery: Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) and her children Regan (Millicent Simmonds), Marcus (Noah Juppe) and their newborn baby have to be without a husband and father Lee (John Krasinski ), who sacrificed himself for his loved ones at the end of A Quiet Place.

Because their shelter is no longer safe, the family sets out to search for other survivors. In an old industrial plant he meets a friend named Emmett (Cillian Murphy), whose fatal point of view Regan does not want to share. The deaf teenager believes that she has received a warning by radio, so she runs away and wants to show that rescue is possible.

Krasinski opens up the world of devastated history and inevitably ruins the intimacy that determined the original work. The sequel also has quiet and emotional moments in store. At the same time, however, it follows more closely the conventions of the cinema of recent times, everything is now a little bigger and more action-packed, without it resulting in more intensity. Yes OK A Quiet Place created an extremely dense atmosphere because the protagonists communicate almost exclusively in sign language, now there is more verbal exchange. There is no denying Krasinski’s efforts to broaden the scope of the deaf Regan, however her figure could have been focused even more consistently.

The great challenge of the sequel is to maintain the interesting concept of the predecessor without repeating itself. People who have to live in absolute silence because otherwise they will be killed by blind monsters but very sensitive to noise; this was attractive the first time; To tell the same story a second time, in which many scenes inevitably follow a similar pattern, it didn’t necessarily have to be this way.

But Krasinski knew it too. The director, actually known as an actor, this time is solely responsible for the script and looks for ways to expand the story in some way. The idea of ​​showing the family in their normal state with a longer flashback before the accident started is less interesting. The alien attack is staged in a harrowing scene, however, in terms of content, that adds very little. A Quiet Place 2 It’s pretty built up elsewhere as well, notably a longer take on a Marcus who got into trouble was reinforced a bit laboriously. None of this is really plausible.

It also works really well because Cillian Murphy (Anna) creates his character in a pretty opaque and closed way, you can tell right away that he has secrets with him, you just don’t know which ones. In general, A Quiet Place 2 se characterizes convincingly again. Unlike many other horror titles, where people are ultimately only a means to an end, here you really get the feeling of dealing with real people, such acts don’t always achieve heroism. Rather, the film does not shy away from showing the ugly sides of human nature. In general, that’s enough to almost match the level of the predecessor, even if the exciting basic idea no longer has the same effect. The sequel is bigger and more varied, so it wouldn’t necessarily have needed the second part, but it’s definitely worth watching.