Colin Firth might have found his ‘Bridget Jones’ in real life

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. Two decades after playing the handsome lawyer Mark Darcy in The diaryof Bridget Jones, Colin Firth He could have fallen for the charms of a blonde TV presenter, younger than him, and with a somewhat shaky romantic trajectory, just like his character in the funny comedies that he starred in alongside Renée Zellweger. The latest images of the handsome actor strolling alongside BBC news anchor Joanna Gosling have made his fans think that maybe he would have found his Bridget Jones in real life.

-Colin Firth and Livia Giuggioli show that they are two ‘ex’ very well matched


The 60-year-old Oscar-winning actor appeared to be reliving the script for his film while enjoying a nice walk with the BBC presenter, 49, through a London park. Together they were seen chatting happily and sharing laughter as they walked through the gardens. Both wore hats, jackets, boots and jeans to combat the low temperatures in London during this romantic and autumnal walk.

These photos have been taken a year after Colin Firth announced his separation from Livia Giuggioli after 22 years of marriage. The breakup came four years after she had a secret affair during a temporary separation in 2016. It was then said that the divorce had left Firth completely heartbroken. For now, neither the actor’s representative nor the journalist have agreed to talk about the alleged romance that the actor’s fans dream of a year after their divorce.


Who is Joanna Gosling?

Joanna Gosling, 49, is a BBC presenter I previously worked at Capital Radio Central Television and Sky News. His love life has also been somewhat shaky. She was married to Dr. Sir Craig Oliver, David Cameron’s former communications director and leader of Remain’s official campaign during the EU referendum, for 18 years before separating in 2014. From their union were born three daughters who live with her, while her ex-husband, 51, has a flat near the girls’ habitual residence in London. They met at the BBC, where Craig worked as a journalist before working at 10 Downing Street. Gosling’s ex-husband is now reportedly dating Lucy Thomas, deputy campaign director Britain Stronger In, after meeting during the EU referendum campaign.


Scandal and divorce

TFollowing the announcement of their separation in December 2019, Firth and his ex-wife assured that “they would remain united by the love they feel for their children,” Luca, 18, and Matteo, 15. The actor remained at the home of the family in Chiswick, West London, while her ex has spent much of the time since then in Italy. Their separation came two years after Livia admit to having an affair with his childhood friend Marco Brancaccia. This ended a scandal that made headlines in March 2018. when the couple denounced Marco Brancaccia for a series of terrifying messages “designed” to harm the protagonist of The king’s speech, sending him an email with “everything he had been doing with his wife for a year” with the intention of humiliating him and “breaking her heart”. For its part, the actor’s ex-wife came to feel harassed and persecuted on the street after she decided to resume her marriage with the actor. Colin Firth and his wife were very discreet about how this affected the marriage, but eventually they went their separate ways. The interpreter has another son, Will, 30, born from his relationship with actress Meg Tilly.

-Colin Firth wrote an email to his wife’s alleged stalker after he told him about his ‘adventure’

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