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Cobra Kai”Brought back“ The Karate Kid ”in the best way. Not only are Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence adults now, they have new teenage Karate Kids to mentor. The series premiered on YouTube in 2018 and moved to Netflix in 2020, where the audience only grew exponentially.

The season 4 production has just finished and is on its way. However, Cobra Kai it was not the first attempt to revive “The Karate Kid”. “Cobra Kai” continues the franchise of “Karate Kid”. It not only brings back to Ralph Macchio Y William Zabka from the original film, but it also makes up for many of the sequels.

The season 3 brought characters from “The Karate Kid II”, and the season 4 promises the return of the villain of “Karate Kid Parte III” Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith). In a recent interview, Zabka says he almost came back for the Part iii.

Macchio talked with Kara Swisher on your podcast Sway of New York Times the 26 of January about the third season of “Cobra Kai”. During that interview, he revealed some of the earlier reboot ideas for “Karate Kid” which he rejected over the years.


Daniel and Sam in this new season will have to find another home (Photo: Netflix)

After “The Next Karate Kid”, Ralph Macchio got the launch of “The Next Karate Kid”, it was still there Pat Morita As the Sr. MiyagiBut this time I was training a girl Julie Pierce. Macchio did not appear in the film, which was released in 1994.

Months later, John Travolta experienced a career comeback with “Pulp Fiction” that inspired an entrepreneur to approach Macchio. “There were launches”, Told him Macchio a Sway. “Some of them were the elevator speech. Travolta, look what just happened to “Pulp Fiction” and him. You should go back and do the David Lynch version of Daniel LaRusso. So I thought, ‘Okay, what is it about?’ “

Cobra Kai has become a worldwide Netflix phenomenon.  (Photo: Netflix)
Cobra Kai has become a worldwide Netflix phenomenon. (Photo: Netflix)

Before from “Cobra Kai”, someone suggested a mix of sports movies, John G. Avildsen directed the first three films of “Karate Kid”. Avildsen he also directed the original “Rocky”, winner of a Oscar. Perhaps today, the conversation about the shared universe would be more welcome, but Macchio, he was not interested in joining other movies.

“My favorite, which was released to John Avildsen, the director of the Karate Kid movie.”, He said Macchio. “Somebody said, ‘You know, I always thought what would happen if Rocky Balboa had a son and Daniel LaRusso had a son and they met between Philadelphia and Newark.’ We all laugh. That will never work. “

The mansion used to film the LaRusso house in “Cobra Kai” is for sale in real life (Photo: Netflix)
The mansion used to film the LaRusso house in “Cobra Kai” is for sale in real life (Photo: Netflix)

Ralph Macchio I was not ready to visit again “The Karate Kid” until “Cobra Kai”. 2018 was the right time for Macchio consider putting the give from Karate. In the mid 90, Macchio he was ready to hang up his black belt. Macchio He admits that things slowed down in the world of cinema and that he did more theater.

Television helped him return to the screen with roles in “Ugly Betty”, “Psych y The Deuce”. By the time the creators of “Cobra Kai” they threw it, “The Karate Kid” he seemed ready and ready again. “I guess that was my place.”, He said Macchio.