Clint Eastwood’s Latest Feature Film and Five More Movies to Watch This Weekend | Culture

Clint Estwood (left) and Eduardo Minett, during a sequence of the film ‘Cry Macho’.Claire Folger / Warner Bros. (Warner Bros. / EFE)

Clint Eastwood at 91 directs and stars Cry Macho, is calm road movie about the dream of the last frontier, which has a certain air of farewell. Respect, Directed by Liesl Tommy, it is a biographical drama that traces 20 years of the life of superstar Aretha Franklin. The second feature film by Ivorian Philippe Lacôte, The night of the kings, mixes the African oral tradition and the harsh reality of the prison, which is reminiscent of the classic Arabian Nights. Preparations to be together an unknown period of time It is the second work of Lili Horvák as a director, a film that approaches the enigma of the brain and that was the winning work of the Golden Spike at the last Seminci in Valladolid. No Breathe 2, the first film directed by Rodo Sayagues, it is a sequel to the film about a blind ex-military man who confronts a group of young people who invade his home. You will not hate The new film by Italian Mauro Mancini was inspired by a real event that occurred in 2010 in Germany, when a Jewish surgeon refused to operate on a man who had a Nazi tattoo.

The films have been reviewed by Elsa Fernández-Santos and Javier Ocaña.

Clint Eastwood, en 'Cry Macho'.

Mike Milo, played by Eastwood, is a former rodeo star and horse breeder, faced with an unexpected and challenging journey to bring his former boss’s son back home.

Jennifer Hudson in a scene from 'Respect', playing Aretha Franklin

Detroit’s child prodigy Aretha Franklin, who sang gospel in the church choir, becomes an international superstar who wins 18 Grammy Awards.

Still from the film 'The Night of the Kings'

A young criminal is sent to a prison in the Ivory Coast, which is run by its prisoners. The head of the prison, who is ill and plans to commit suicide, chooses him to tell stories to the other prisoners.

Neurosurgeon Márta falls in love and leaves her brilliant career in the United States behind to start a new life with the man she loves in Budapest. When he finally finds it, the man claims to have never seen it before.

The blind ex-military officer Norman Nordstrom lives peacefully with his only adopted daughter, when a group of criminals invades the house and kidnaps the girl. The man in his early 70s is forced to revert to his dark instincts to save her.

Jewish surgeon Simone Segre, the son of a recently deceased concentration camp survivor, witnesses a terrible traffic accident. When trying to help the victim, he discovers that he has a Nazi tattoo.