Christopher Lambert continues to shoot movies but diversifies his time into other businesses

The reopening of theaters in the US, in which a mask is no longer required, and the return of a certain normality to the industry thanks to the blockbusters of A quiet place 2 Y The Warren File: Demon Bound they have sped up the process to launch big blockbusters that can satisfy the appetite for watching stories on the big screen. One of the fast-paced is the remake of The immortals , which will star Henry Cavill and will be directed by Chad Stahelski, one of the most sought after men in Hollywood after the success of the three parts of John Wick .

In this way Lionsgate will try to revive one of its most successful franchises, which after the first film starring Christopher Lambert in 1986 led to four sequels and three television series, two of them with Adrian Paul in the title role. The project has been around for years and was about to materialize with Ryan Reynolds as the protagonist.

Prepared food, investments in hospitality and technology, among his other occupations

Although 35 years have passed since the premiere of that first film, Lambert, who is now 64, remains for many a synonym of that great success: “I have never seen them as action films,” says the actor in an interview, and then He adds: “Immortality is a romantic concept because people dream of not getting old, and it has been that way for thousands of years. I didn’t accept that movie for the action, but for the romantic aspect of immortality. If you think about it, whoever manages to live for thousands of years will lose their loved ones over and over again ”.

An important factor in the great success of that first film, Lambert recalls, was Queen’s participation in the soundtrack: “I was lucky enough to meet Freddie Mercury when we shot the videos. We did them in England and meeting him and the rest of the band was wonderful. But the best thing was enjoying a private concert for 15 people. We had Queen for us for 48 hours and they played on stage, it was unforgettable, “he recalls.

Mythical film. With Sean Connery in The Immortals II: The Challenge (1991). The film had four sequels and three series


Another unforgettable presence was that of Sean Connery, whom he describes as a humble man and a true gentleman: “He never tried to pass himself off as someone other than who he was, he was very authentic. As soon as you met him, you realized if he liked you or not. Luckily, we became very good friends. Even though after filming we will have seen each other ten times, I miss him. He had a very special charm and he spoke to you very seriously but actually he was joking, ”he says with a melancholy air.

He has never stopped filming and this year he completed a Finnish production shot in English, The Creeps , in which the famous director Joe Dante accompanies him in the cast and is currently filming Someone dies tonight , made in Croatia for the international market with veterans of B cinema such as Eric Roberts and Tom Sizemore. But Lambert has many other interests beyond cinema: “When I was 33 or 34 years old, I realized that I wanted to do many other things and a single life was not going to reach me. This is how I got into business. First I made prepared meals for large supermarkets, then I entered the real estate sector, particularly hospitality, something I continue to do, and I also got into technology. Every year I try to make between two and four films depending on the importance of the role. But I was interested in diversifying because most of the actors only think about movies, ”explains Christopher Lambert, who, however, has a fortune that exceeds four million euros.

Born in New York but raised in Switzerland, where his father, an American diplomat, was on a mission, Lambert rose to fame in 1984, with Greystoke, the legend of Tarzan , in which he had the lead role. The following year he starred Subway by Luc Besson, for which he took the Caesar, and in 1986, at the height of his career, he became Connor McLeod, the immortal. Two years later he married Diane Lane, with whom he had a daughter, Eleanor Jasmine, who is now 27 years old, and whom he divorced in 1994.